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Expert Tips on How to Find a Good Removalist
26 May, 2020

How to Find a Good Removalist in Adelaide: COVID-19 Moving Tips

One of the most difficult tasks of the moving process is to hire professional removalists. A reliable company can accomplish the job perfectly and save your precious time. However, the task becomes way more challenging when you have to do it during the COVID-19 because the parameters to analyse a removals company changes a lot.

The best way to find good removalists in Adelaide during this global pandemic is to focus on essential aspects like safety for the family, hassle-free move, and reasonable price. Here are a few useful tips that can help you to find a good removalist during this difficult time. Let’s have a look!

Ask for recommendations

If you are planning to move during the COVID-19, then you need to hire reputed removalists in Adelaide. And for that, the first thing you have to do is to talk to your family, friends, colleagues and check if anyone has recently moved.

Even if they haven’t relocated, ask them if they can recommend any reliable removals company who can accomplish a safe and hassle-free move. This kind of recommendation can be beneficial because you get first-hand information about the removalists and how well they can manage a moving process. You also get to know about their price and what facilities they offer.

Read the client reviews

You can also do your research and look for a right removalist through the internet. If you have shortlisted a couple of removals companies in Adelaide, then visit their official website and explore their services. The most important thing you can do is to read the client reviews and know about the actual nature of the company.

If the customers have provided their email id or contact number, call them. It will give you a clear idea about the professionals, and you would be able to take the right decision.

Know what precautions they are taking

If you are moving during this global pandemic, make sure that you are hiring a reputed removals company because they take all kinds of precautions. Any prestigious removals companies do not want to take any chance with their clients, and thus they are keeping a close watch on their professionals and this way they make sure that all their removalists are healthy.

If any person has flu symptoms, the company doesn’t allow the person to work. So talk to the customer support team and know how they are dealing with the COVID-19.

They should do a pre-move wellness check

A good removals company always do a pre-move wellness check. By doing it, they want to make sure that everyone is healthy. It reflects their professionalism and their concern regarding the COVID-19. So, check whether your company also do a pre-move wellness check or not. The professionals may ask you if any of your family members are having any kinds of health-related issue. If there is a problem, they can postpone the relocation date. Reliable removalists always follow a safe approach.

They should maintain social distancing

Social distancing is the need of the hour, and all the reliable removals company are aware of this fact. That is why they have trained their professionals to carry out the packing and loading process while maintaining social distancing.

When the removalists are at their client’s place, they keep a 6 feet distance, wear gloves and masks all the time. So, talk to the customer support team and ask if they follow such things. If you get a chance to speak with any of their previous customers who have recently moved, ask them if the professionals take such precautions or not.

Ask if they are providing new moving boxes

Removals companies use old moving boxes during the relocation process. However, during the COVID-19, all reputed companies are avoiding such boxes. As studies have found that the virus can also stay surface for days, reliable companies are not taking any chances with recycled boxes.

Thus, they are providing new cardboard boxes to pack the belongings of their clients. Using old moving boxes is always a treat for your health. So, talk to your removalists and make sure that they are also providing you with new moving boxes.

They should provide a virtual pre-move survey

Pre-move inspection is an essential part of the relocation process. It helps the removalists in Adelaide to estimate the cost of the moving service and understand how much moving supplies they need to provide. However, during coronavirus, things have changed. So the pre-move inspection can a little risky for the removalists as well as the clients.

To solve this problem, many reputed companies are providing virtual pre-move survey with the help of video. Make sure your company is also providing such service. In this scenario, this is the best option because it will get the job done, and the professionals don’t have to appear physically.

Know About Price Policy

If you want to find good removalists, know about the price policy. During COVID- 19, not all the removals company are working. So, it will increase the demand of the companies who are currently active in the market.

To take advantage of the situation, many service providers will increase their price, but a reputed company will stick to its original price. So, know about the costs of your removals company and see if they allow you to postpone your move for no extra charges. It is a sign of a reliable company.


As coronavirus is spreading rapidly, the relocation process has become more difficult. However, if you can hire skilled and seasoned removalists in Adelaide, your moving can become a lot easier and safer. Consider the following tips while choosing removalists so that you can get the best possible service in this situation and your family remains safe.