How To Find Pet-Friendly Housing In Your New City?

How To Find Pet-Friendly Housing In Your New City?

Oct 13, 2023

You may need to move to a new place because of a better job offer, attractive lifestyle or any other reason. But finding a new home is not an easy task. The first thing that comes to mind when looking for a home is will it be suitable for the whole family? And if that involves a pet, things are likely to get complicated. You may like your pet, but that does not mean your potential landlord will feel the same way.

The odds vary from place to place, making it a daunting task to find an appropriate residence. So, finding an ideal house before contacting expert removalists in Adelaide or doing any other moving-related task is crucial.

Here is how you can find a pet-friendly house in your new city. Follow these tips to give your pets a safe environ.

1. Explore Pet-Friendly Neighbourhoods

Begin the process of searching for houses by finding neighbourhoods that are known to be pet-friendly. It would be easy to identify as these areas will probably include pet parks and pet care services.

Also, do not forget to ensure that the area has accessibility to essential amenities, public transport, etc. Make sure it is not far away from your workplace. To make target searches efficiently, use online forums as well as community websites. Additionally, local city guides can also offer quality recommendations and valuable insights to make your search easier.

2. Visit Pet-friendly Housing Websites

There are a lot of websites and platforms designed specifically for pet owners who are looking for housing options. They also provide the search filters to help you define your pet-related needs. This will include things like the size of the pet, along with the breed. You can also look for a specific location.

Using such filters strategically helps you simplify the process while saving time, effort, and money. This way, you will finally find a pet-friendly house and move with the help of cheap removalists in Adelaide.

3. Create a Pet Resume

Finding a pet-friendly house is not too different from finding a job because a landlord will need to know about the pet and the owner. So, it makes sense to prepare a pet resume.

It helps underline your responsibility and establish credibility, increasing the chances of the landlord’s approval. The resume must focus on the qualities of your pet along with the training and vaccinations.

Furthermore, providing a certification highlighting the pet’s good behaviour is ideal. Give the resume a personal touch by including testimonials about the positive interactions of your pet with people. This way, you will be able to find a home quickly and save time when moving.

4. Communicate with Potential Landlords

Just like making a house kid-friendly, communication is the key when finding a pet-friendly home. Be transparent and open when talking to potential landlords or real estate agents. At the start, straightaway ask for and inquire about pet policies. Disclose all the information they might need about your pet. This will include the pet’s size, breed, and temperament.

The more open you are at the beginning, the fewer issues you will have down the road. Once the landlord has all the information, it is up to them to make a decision. If needed, schedule a meeting to clear any doubts or concerns that they may have regarding the pet. Try to build understanding through a transparent conversation.

5. Consider Paying a Pet Deposit

If you are moving with pets, paying a pet deposit is not a bad idea to show your commitment to maintaining the property. You can also pay a slightly higher rent, considering it a pet fee. A financial commitment is a clear sign that you are a responsible pet owner and take pride in it.

It also showcases that you are ready to pay for pet-related damages if a situation like that occurs. Remember to negotiate the terms and conditions related to pet fees. This way, you will ensure that both parties benefit from the agreement.

6. Visit the New House with Your Pet

Once you have found a few potential places, it is best to visit it with your pet. This approach will allow you to analyse how your pet reacts to the new environment and whether the place is suitable. It will also enable the landlord to witness your pet’s behaviour to ensure that their property is not in danger.

Look around the neighbourhood to see if there are places for your pets to roam around and play safely. Do not forget to follow the guidelines for dogs in the park. This way, you can let your pet play safely once you have moved to the new place with the help of expert removalists in Adelaide.

Wrapping Up

Finding a pet-friendly house, especially in a new city, is quite challenging. But with a proactive approach and effective communication, you can certainly do it. Follow the tips from this article to complete the house search quickly. Finally, do not forget to hire expert removalists in Adelaide to move your stuff safely.