How To Find Quality Removalists Adelaide For Your Next Move?

How To Find Quality Removalists Adelaide For Your Next Move?

Oct 07, 2021 Nothing can be more stressful than moving much-loved passions from one location to another. You need time, proper planning and professional assistance for streamlining the entire process. After finding a dream home in Adelaide and sorting out household belongings, the next step is to search for the right moving company in your city. Thorough research is one of the best ways to find Quality Adelaide Removalists for the safety of your much-loved possessions. With hundreds of options available on the internet, finding the perfect company is a challenging task. However, there are certain ways to help you hire a trusted moving partner for your valuable items. Whether you are relocating next to the suburb or a new city, keep the following tips in mind while choosing a good removals company. Let’s Get Started!

1. Know Your Specific Requirements

Instead of jumping into the research, the first thing you can do is to know your moving requirements carefully. Do you need professionals to pack up your delicate items or furniture or want a spacious storage unit? Are you moving locally or planning for an interstate move? Are you relocating home or office? What is an estimated budget and timeline? Keep these questions in mind and prepare a list of things you want from a moving company. This will give you better clarity while searching for the right company. Creating a weekly moving checklist and writing down all the tasks can help you ensure  a stress-free move.

2. Pay Attention to Recommendations

Ask your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbours to suggest any company if they have recently moved. There is a good chance to find a good company that can perform safe and sound removals with perfection. Most people think that only big companies are the best, but the reality is different. Many not-so popular agencies also provide quality, reliable and hassle-free service at the best price. So, gather detailed information about the companies recommended by your friends and family members. Ask about their personal experience, quality of work, professionalism and pricing policy for better understanding.

3. Consider Customer Reviews

Hire a moving company after reading customer reviews and feedback from reliable websites. Customers reviews allow you to know various things about the company, such as their professional approach, trained team, hidden charges, services, and much more. If possible, contact some of the previous customers and have a word regarding the company. This will give you a clear picture and help you opt for quality removalists in Adelaide.

4. Experience Matters

Moving household belongings, such as expensive art pieces, piano, a pool table, and other items, need special attention and care during packing, loading, transportation, and unloading. For safe and sound removals, you need removalists having at least 5-7 years of experience in the removals industry. Experienced people can handle your precious possessions with care and perfection regardless of the distance and complications. They are experts in transporting heavy furniture from one location to another with ease.

5. Hire the AFRA-Certified Company

Australian Furniture Removers Association is the body that operates the removal industry in Australia. They approve only those moving companies that have high-grade equipment, trained team and vehicles. So, look for the AFRA-approved moving company because they can handle your large and bulky furniture and other items without giving you a hint of stress.

6. Transparent and Reasonable Rates

There is no denying that moving house is an expensive task, and that’s why people opt for a company that offers service at the lowest price. However, such companies can ask you to pay a hidden fee in the middle of the service, and you may end up with a conflict. The better way is to search for a company that can offer you a transparent pricing policy and no-obligation quotes. Make sure they promise clear fixed or hourly rates without hidden charges. This way, you won’t receive any shocks at the end of your relocation.

7. Insurance for your Belongings

A good and reliable moving company in Adelaide will have transit insurance in order to cover your precious possessions in the event of an accident during the process. If your shortlisted company doesn’t have suitable insurance options, avoid hiring them.

8. Robust Customer Service

Apart from offering quality removals service, they must provide the best customer support to resolve your doubts and queries. A good company is always friendly, professional and strives to provide the best service from the start to the end of your moving journey. Search for online customer reviews and read testimonials on any reliable website to know more about customer care solutions.

9. Additional Features and Solutions

It is imperative to book a moving service provider that can offer you a comprehensive range of services, including local moves, interstate removals, packing solutions, storage service and unpacking service. If you want to book any of these services, you need to quote separately because the packing and storage facility is not included in a removals service. Tip: Choose a firm that uses eco-friendly supplies to wrap your precious belongings, such as fragile items.


Hiring quality removalists in Adelaide can make a huge difference when it comes to a moving house. With some planning and research, you can safely transit much-loved household possessions to the new house.  If you are on a tight budget, then use a good budget planner and organise the move accordingly. Make sure you hire a trained, experienced, licensed company that supports their customers and offers quality solutions.