How To Find The Best Piano Removalists In Adelaide

How To Find The Best Piano Removalists In Adelaide

Mar 14, 2023 Do you have to move an 80-year-old grand piano to your new home in Adelaide and are unsure how to go about it? Pianos are heavy and bulky that are difficult to carry as they contain many delicate parts like keys, wires and pedals. If you plan on moving your piano on your own, you will have to purchase a lot of moving equipment like dollies and ramps to transport your piano to your new home. Besides this, you also risk getting a bad back injury or spraining your muscles, as pianos can weigh anywhere between 300 to 1200 pounds. Thus, it is better for your own safety and to keep your piano in one piece to hire professional Adelaide removalists who are experienced and trained to move these difficult instruments. But you must pick piano movers with specialized equipment who will protect your piano and take necessary precautions to ensure there is no damage to your piano. Here are some ways below as to why and how you can find the best piano removalists in Adelaide.

Why Do You Need A Professional Piano Mover

Help You Lift And Carry Your Heavy Piano Safely

One of the main reasons you must hire Adelaide piano removalists is that your pianos are heavy and can weigh a lot. For instance, an upright piano can weigh between 300 to 500 pounds, a baby grand piano weighs between 500 to 650 pounds, and a normal grand piano weighs at least 700 to 1200 pounds. Therefore it is better to hire 4-6 experienced piano movers who know how to move large items with ease.

Avoid Any Damages To Your Home While Moving The Piano

While moving a piano, it is also important that you keep the floors and stairs intact when lifting it through your home. Professional piano movers use advanced dollies and take all precautions like protecting your stairs to ensure your home is not damaged while moving your piano. They also pack your piano securely to keep all the delicate parts safe to maintain your piano quality.

Will Save You A Lot Of Time And Money

Lastly, in a DIY move, you must buy specialized equipment like dollies, moving straps, blankets and padding to keep your piano safe. This can add up to a lot and therefore, it is better to let Adelaide piano removalists handle this as they bring their own equipment and are trained to complete the move within your deadline. Now that you know why piano removalists are important, you should find the best piano removalists in Adelaide to avoid any scams.

How To Find The Best Piano Removalists In Adelaide

Look For Experienced And Certified Professionals

The first thing you must look for is to see if they are Adelaide piano removalists with years of expertise and a good number of well-trained staff equipped to handle any piano. You can ask them if they have handled your piano before and know the risks of moving it so they can take all the necessary precautions.

Go Through References And Talk To Former Clients

Besides experience, you must also ask your piano removalists for references and reviews from former clients. You can talk to these former clients and ask them about the quality of service, the level of professionalism of the piano movers, and if there were any damages to the piano during the move. If the company does not give you any references, it is best not to hire them, as this could be a scam.

Monitor Their Moving Equipment And the Techniques They Use

You must also monitor their techniques to move your piano, like how many trained movers lift and load it onto the ramps and dollies and how they secure it on the truck. Check to see if they use padding and newspapers as a cushioning material to keep your piano safe on the moving vehicle and if they use moving straps to ensure it does not move around and get damaged. You must also look at their equipment and see if it is of superior quality that will protect your piano and keep it safe and if they have storage and ideal backloading options. For instance, check to see if your piano movers have climate-controlled vehicles that will protect your piano from rain, snow and humid conditions.

Ask Your Piano Movers If They Have Insurance

One of the main things you must look for when hiring a piano removalist in Adelaide is to see if they are covered by moving insurance. This means the company will cover damages that might have occurred while moving your piano, and you will not have to pay anything. You should also look for proper business insurance to see that the company has public liability insurance and will cover any injuries and liabilities that occur while moving your piano.

Find Out If They Disassemble And Reassemble Your Piano For You

Lastly, you must also find trained removalists who properly disassemble your piano so the parts are not damaged. See if they use proper tools to disassemble each part and keep it packed and secure. This is important because if inexperienced movers disassemble your piano, it could affect its quality. You must also ask your piano removalists in Adelaide if they will reassemble the piano for you at your new home so that your piano is ready to use.


Thus, following the above tips, you can find the best piano movers who can disassemble, pack, lift and transport your piano to your new home without any damage. It is important to find only the most experienced and trained professionals who use specialized and eco-friendly packing and moving tools to keep your piano in one piece and take all precautions to prevent it from getting spoiled.