How To Get An Accurate House Removals Quote

How To Get An Accurate House Removals Quote

Jul 11, 2023 If you are moving homes with professionals and are worried about how much it will cost you, you should get an accurate removal quote. Getting a proper quote from your moving company will help you estimate your expenses, let you see how you can cut costs, and also ascertain how much you should start saving and budgeting. Thus, you must do proper research and find at least two to three removalists in Adelaide who will inspect and survey your belongings and provide accurate moving quotes. You can then pick the one that suits your budget and needs best and start planning your move accordingly. Here are some factors that will help you get accurate quotes from your removalists so you can analyse your expenses:  Tips To Get An Accurate House Removals Quote 

1. List All Your Belongings

Ideally, you should get a moving quote 6-8 weeks in advance to be well-prepared and know how to budget your move. The first step you should take is to go through each room and create an inventory of all your belongings. You can then share this with your removalists in Adelaide and include any photos of your moving boxes, furniture and appliances. This will help the moving company get an idea of how many movers they will need and what truck size will fit all your belongings so that they can give you an accurate moving quote.

2. Provide Distance Measurements To And From Your Home

Along with the amount and weight of your items, you must also inform your moving company about the distance they will have to travel. Give them the address of your new home so they can measure the distance that needs to be covered and can calculate how much it will cost. If you still need the actual address, you can always give them the city or suburb name so they can give you an estimated cost. Tip: Here are some tips to help you save money during a long-distance move.

3. Inform Your Movers About Storage Of Your Goods

If your home is still being prepared, you can ask your professional removalists in Adelaide if they have storage services. Many of these moving services have temperature-controlled storage facilities where you can keep your items until they need to be delivered to your new home. This will be added to your removal quote, so inform your moving service beforehand to know how much it will cost. Tip: You can also ask your movers about backloading services so you can reduce your removal cost.

4. Include Information On Heavy-Duty And Bulky Items

To get an accurate house moving quote, it is also necessary that you inform your movers about heavy-duty and specialised items like pianos, antiques, and fragile items. It is important to tell your movers about these items as they will require extra care and attention and might require special packing and moving equipment like crates and moving straps that will add to your removal cost.

5. Ask Questions About Specialised Services You Require

Besides loading, transporting and unloading your belongings, removalists in Adelaide provide many other services. These include packing, unpacking, disassembling and reassembling furniture, arranging packing and moving supplies and more that can significantly add to your moving quote. If you need one or more of these services, you should inform your moving company in advance so they can come well-prepared and also give you an accurate estimate of how much this will cost. Tip: You can save on moving costs by packing non-fragile items and donating or selling your extra belongings.

6. Find Out If Your Movers Offer Insurance Coverage

Next, it is necessary to ask your moving service if they provide insurance for your belongings to protect your items. Most reputed moving companies with certified business licences and permits will have some form of insurance to help protect your goods while in transit. Besides this, some movers offer full-service protection that covers any damage to your items while moving homes. You should talk to at least two to three movers and discuss their insurance policies to see how much it will add to your total moving costs.

7. Describe The Accessibility Of Your New Home In Detail

Lastly, you must tell your removalists in Adelaide about how accessible your new home is. For instance, if your new place is on the top floor of an apartment building and can only be reached by narrow stairs, your movers must arrange the appropriate moving equipment. Also, if your home has a narrow access, your removalists will have to park at a distance and load and move your items accordingly, adding to the total time and labour costs. These factors will affect your removal costs, so you must inform your movers and get estimated quotes. Tip: When looking at the estimated moving quotes, always choose a mover with a price that matches the average market rate. Choosing the cheapest movers aren’t the best choices for these reasons.


Once you provide your removalists with all the above details, they will give you an estimate quote for your house move. You must get at least three to four quotes to compare costs and pick the moving company that suits your budget and needs. You should not choose a moving service based solely on costs as low prices could mean inexperience and poor quality of service as well as hidden costs in the contract.