How To Handle Your House Removals Like A Pro?

How To Handle Your House Removals Like A Pro?

Jan 20, 2023

Since moving to a new place brings a lot of new employment opportunities and lifestyle changes, make sure you prepare yourself mentally. It is good to plan the entire process at least 8 weeks before the final day.

Whether you are moving next to the apartment or a new state, create a proper plan to handle your house removals like a pro to keep your household possessions safe and sound.

Arrange all the necessary packing supplies and moving equipment so that you won’t cause any damage to your fragile items and large furniture. If you are moving for the first time, do detailed research and hire the best Removalists Adelaide and stay relaxed. You can also consider the following pro tips to handle your house removals on your own:

1. Create a Customised Checklist

From updating the address to finding a new school, you have everything to handle in an organised manner.

To alleviate stress, create a proper checklist and jot down everything on your timeline. A complete task list can help you know what needs to be done and when throughout the process. This will keep you on track and make the process easier for you.

2. De-clutter Your House in Advance

Before starting the packing process, clean your home and get rid of old clothes, broken items, empty jars and unnecessary household items. Take one room at a time and sort items by categories. Divide items into these categories:

  • Keep: Pack the items you want to take to your new abode.
  • Donate: Pre-loved belongings can be donated to the local charity. You can look for charities in Australia that offer free pick up service.
  • Sell : Organise a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items.
  • Toss: Throw broken, empty and unwanted items that are not in good condition.

3. Start Packing ASAP

Packing is one of the crucial steps that keep your precious possessions, such as a couch, a dining table, beds, and other furniture pieces, intact throughout the journey.

You should start the process at least 7-8 weeks prior to your move. Instead of packing everything, start with items you don’t use frequently. This includes off-season clothes, decorative items, picture frames, and other stuff.

Use packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, plastic bags, furniture blankets, and more. You can also use cloth bags  to pack your items  if you want to reduce plastic waste and keep the environment safe.

4. Bring the Right Size of Boxes

Make sure you bring different sizes of moving boxes for your household belongings. Here is a quick guide to help you pack your stuff into boxes like a pro:

  • Small Boxes (1.5 Cubic Feet)

These boxes are perfect for packing the heaviest items, such as books, canned goods, records and much more.

  • Medium Boxes (3.0 Cubic Feet)

These boxes are perfect for heavier and smaller items, such as small kitchenappliances, lamp bases, pots, pans, outdoor tools and electronic gadgets.

  • Large Boxes (4.5 Cubic Feet)

You can pack lighter items in large boxes, such as blankets, sheets, larger lamps, and non-breakable kitchen items.

This can also help you pack a moving truck without any stress.

5. Pack Fragile Items With Care

From antiques to glassware and crockery, you must take extra care of your fragile items when packing. These are prone to damage, and that’s why you need to be extra precise when wrapping these items:

  • Use smaller boxes for heavier delicate items, as they won’t shift during the lifting and transiting process.
  • Use extra strips of packing tape to support the bottom of your boxes when packing heavy fragile items.
  • Put a soft packing material, such as styrofoam peanuts at the bottom of boxes
  • Fill the empty spaces with packing peanuts
  • Pack the heaviest items at the bottom
  • Use dividers for wine glasses, dishes and stemware
  • Use a plenty of packing tape

You can also hire professionals who can pack your stuff and make  stress-free removals in Adelaide at the most reasonable price.

6. Disassemble Large Furniture

It is not possible to pack large furniture pieces as it is. You need to dismantle to keep each piece safe and secure. This will protect your walls and floors and also make things easy for you.

Read the manual’s guide before dismantling your dining table, beds and other pieces. Make sure you have plenty of ziplock bags to put bolts, screws and other pieces secure.

7. Label Your Boxes

Use a black marker to label your boxes after packing your stuff. You can write relevant names on the boxes. For instance, If you have a box of kitchen items, write ‘kitchenware’ or ‘dishes and pots’ so that Removalists Adelaide take care of such boxes when lifting them. This will also manage your post-moving process.


These are some great hacks that will help you manage home removals like a pro. You can follow these hacks step-by-step or create your own checklist for a safe and sound experience.