How To Help Your Dog Settle Into A New House?

How To Help Your Dog Settle Into A New House?

Nov 26, 2021 A house move can affect your dog differently than it affects you, as canines process things differently than humans. For them, their territory, surroundings and familiarity of a place mean a lot, and your pooch can feel uncomfortable, threatened and overwhelmed when you move. Not every dog has difficulty relocating, but older dogs usually struggle with the process. Therefore, hire professional removalists in Adelaide to manage different aspects of the move to have more time to spend with your puppy and attend to its needs. Additionally, take the following measures to help your dog settle into a new house and keep it comfortable before/during the move.

Visit The New Home With Your Pooch

One of the best ways to familiarise your dog with the new residence is to take them along a few times. It will accustom your pooch to the layout and, most notably the smells of the new house. During the visit, you can take them to the park, walk the street, meet the neighbours and do other things to acquaint your pet with the surroundings. However, this solution is only possible when you are moving a short distance, as it is challenging to take your dog on a long journey, particularly when it is elderly.

Don’t Deprive Your Dog Of Attention Suddenly

Often while planning and completing moving-related tasks, you have little to no time for yourself or others. Your household members can understand, but your dog cannot and it can feel neglected while you focus on essential things. Your pooch can become morose, depressed, sad and even aggressive or irritated. Therefore, put in efforts to comfort, support and connect with your dog to prevent it from feeling alone.

Reinforce Basic Training

As a puppy, most dogs get basic training for sitting, eating on command, staying in one place, greeting etc. The training comes in handy to heel your pooch and make it easier for you to keep it out of harm’s way. Read tips online to reinforce basic training of a canine or seek the assistance of the professional who trained them earlier. This is a proactive measure to maintain your dog’s safety when your hired removalists in Adelaide pack and move your property contents. Furthermore, it will help when you are at the new home as your pooch will need the discipline to settle.

Stick To Routine

Dogs thrive with a routine, but it isn’t easy to maintain your beloved fur-ball’s daily responsibilities during/after moving. Since you have additional duties to fulfil, their meals, walking time and sleeping schedule can shift, causing your pet distress and anxiety. Therefore, make sure you stick to their routine before moving and after arriving at the new house. It will help keep your pet calm, in good spirits and more welcoming to the change.

Reward Good Behaviour

Dogs respond well to commands when they are rewarded with treats, hugs, pats and verbal appreciation. Thus, after coming to the new home, keep treats on-person to get your dog to stay in a room, keep out of your way and relax while you settle in. It will also help make your dog associate positively with the house and speed the process of familiarisation with the surroundings. This way, you can also make your pooch comfortable when your hired removalists in Adelaide come to your house.

Visit The Vet Before Moving

Ensuring your pet is in good condition to travel is essential before moving. Therefore, fix an appointment with the vet for an exam and get advice in case your dog becomes stressed or anxious after arriving at the new house. The vet can prescribe medication as a proactive measure to calm your pooch for a long journey or the first few days after moving into the new residence. Note: While visiting the vet, get your dog’s medical records and reports if you have to find a new animal healthcare professional after moving.

Prioritise Your Dog’s Comfort

Whether it requires you to get a car harness for the road trip or invest in a travel crate for small dogs, do everything to prioritise your pooch’s comfort. Get advice from near and dear ones who have moved with pets to ensure your dog has a good house relocation experience. Additionally, do the following. • Ask a trusted person to take care of your dog on the moving day. • Keep your pooch in a room with food, toys, and other supplies while the removalists pack and move your belongings. • Let your dog smell the boxes and packing supplies to prevent them from being hostile towards them. • If you have to make a stop between travel, book a pet-friendly accommodation to keep yourself and your pooch comfortable.


Moving house is a time-consuming and strenuous process which is even more difficult with pets. Pet owners need to be more proactive than others when shifting to a new house. Thus, take the measures mentioned above to make the process easier for your dog besides hiring professional removalists in Adelaide.