How to Involve Your Kids in the Moving Process
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How to Involve Your Kids in the Moving Process

Dec 03, 2018 Moving to a new place is a complicated procedure and can be stressful, not only for adults but also for the kids. Adults always look at the practical side, but the kids think differently and usually develop a special attachment with their room, house, and locality. Kids are most likely to go through an emotional turmoil when they move to a new location. However, you can distract them by involving in your transition process. It gives more time to the kids and more importantly, a different perspective to tackle the situation. But it is not possible for you to take care of everything at the same time. To focus on your kids, you should get help from the professional removalists in Adelaide. With their experience and technical knowledge, they make sure a hassle-free moving process. And this gives you time to involve your kids and make this transition little fun for them. In this post, we will discuss some practical ways to involve your kids in the moving process. Let’s have a look:

Before You Move:

1. Introduce your kids to the new house and place

Whenever you buy a new home, it is imperative to involve your kids from the initial stage. Otherwise, you won’t be able to generate any interest in them. Also, you should give your kids as much time as possible so that they can emotionally detach themselves from the old place. Before you start the moving procedure, talk to your child about the reasons for the move and what kind of problems you might face during the relocation process. If possible take them to visit the new home in person, otherwise, show the picture of the house. Highlight the points that can make them happy and excite them about the new places to visit in Adelaide.

2. Take inputs for their new bedroom

They will not get involved until you give them the freedom to take some decision on their own. Let them decide a few things about their bedroom like the colour of the wall, bed sheet, and pillow cover and so on. This is the safest gamble you can play to make them feel good. You can also take their inputs for deciding furniture for their room and let them buy wall stickers and posters of their own choice.

3. Allow your kids to label and decorate the moving boxes

When you are done with your packing, involve your kids for labelling the boxes. Make them understand the importance of the task and they might enjoy the responsibility. Apart from marking all the boxes, they can also decorate the boxes using various colours and different type of tapes. Guide them to use different designs so that you can quickly identify the boxes. Utilise their interest, time and energy to make things easy and more organised for you.

4. Cleaning up

Cleaning is an essential task before you leave your home and it is always good to have helping hands. Even toddlers can contribute by sweeping out corners and wiping down surfaces. But you need to give them cleaning work according to their age. If your kids are teenagers, they can quickly clean the fridge and do the vacuuming. Do not pass them any cleaning task that involves chemicals. Cleaning is a time-taking procedure that needs tireless efforts and perfection. So, ideally, you should use professionals for this challenging task. Contact a reliable bond cleaning company in Adelaide; they have experienced professionals with advanced machinery and technical knowledge.

After You Move:

1. Involve them in Unpacking

You can always involve your kids in the unpacking process. Let them unpack their boxes and take care of the room. Do not worry if they made mistakes and keep things at a wrong place like in the case of bookshelf and clothes in wardrobes. Always remember that you can rearrange everything whenever you want. Apart from their room, you are free to involve them in other places also. They can slide the boxes where the items need to go. Ask them to take the pieces out of the box, so that you can place them at their appropriate place.

2. Give kids some light responsibility

Ask your kids to set things like the book stand and shoe stand. The idea is not to put pressure on them so that things get done quickly, but to involve them with you and to teach them about responsibility. If your kids are big and mature enough, give them the responsibility of finding new places nearby the house such as the playground and pizza joint.

3. Help kids to make new friends

Once you have reached your new home, meet your new neighbours and visit communities in Adelaide and introduce your children to their kids. It is essential for your kids to know other children in the area, where they will grow up. But you should not put pressure on them as they might need some time to adjust. Also help them to get familiar with their new school, check out if they can join any extracurricular activities.


Moving to a new place can be very challenging for the kids. The hardest part of relocating is to say goodbye to close friends and the familiar comfort of their house. Moreover, they find themselves behind rest of the classmates of the new school. In this tough situation, your support can keep them away from stress and make them happy. That’s why it always advisable to contact the reliable removals company in Adelaide. They can take charge of the entire moving process, giving you the opportunity to stay close to your kids at this point.