How To Know If You Can Trust A Moving Company?

How To Know If You Can Trust A Moving Company?

Jan 02, 2023

According to studies, over 32% of renters have had a bad experience with a moving company in Australia. This is because now there are many moving companies to choose from, and it becomes hard to see who is trustworthy and who is not. Many fraud-moving companies scam residents and take away all their possessions or demand huge sums of money from them.

Thus, it is very important to pick the right professional removalists in Adelaide who are well-certified and insured and will keep your belongings safe when transporting them to your new home. To ensure that you pick the right company when moving to South Australia, you must first understand the common scams and how to avoid them.

Common Moving Scams

  • Fake companies with no licenses will ask you for a large deposit upfront and escape with your money.
  • A moving company will ask you for extra money after the move and will hold your possessions hostage unless you pay up.
  • A company will charge you very little initially and then add on extra costs at the end.
  • It is a scam if your moving company asks you to pay a deposit without doing an in-house estimate.
  • If your company charges by cubic meters, it is a scam because legitimate moving companies only charge by the weight of your items.
  • If there are no third-party reviews online, it is a scam company that will disappear from your money or possessions.

Now that you know these different moving scams, you must avoid them when renting a home in South Australia and pick only trustworthy removalist services in Australia. Here are some ways you can choose reliable moving companies and avoid scams like the above:

What To Look For In A Trustworthy Moving Company

1. Licenses and Certifications

If you are moving homes for the first time and want to make sure you pick a reliable removalist service in Adelaide, you should pick licensed movers. Most removalists in Australia will have an Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) license or an Australian International Movers Association (AIMA) license.

It is a good option to check for these licenses as removalists with these licenses are legal and authorised to work in Adelaide and are well-trained experts in this field.

2. In-house Estimates

When you first contact a moving company, they will give you an estimate over the phone and then send a professional to count the number of possessions and the distance that needs to be travelled. Once done with this inspection, they will provide you with a final moving quote.

This means the company is legal and will help you move homes in a professional manner. You should also get moving estimates from at least 3-4 removalists in Adelaide to get the best deal and choose a reliable moving service to enjoy a great move day experience.

3. Third-party Reviews

Before hiring a professional removalist in Adelaide to help you move homes, you must go online and look at third-party reviews. You should type in the company’s name and write brand reviews, and if nothing turns up, it means the company is fraudulent and will scam you. If you do find any third-party reviews, you must note the following factors:

  • Look for actual written reviews and not just star ratings.
  • You must note if any customers have stated that the company has overcharged them, as this is a big red flag.
  • You should also look at third-party reviews to see what services the moving company offers and where they are up to the mark.

4. Estimates By Weight

Most legitimate removalists in Adelaide will provide a moving estimate based on the weight of your possessions. If they use any other method like cubic feet or other measurements when providing you with a quote, this is a sign of a common moving scam and you should avoid them.

5. Offers Well-estimated Quotes

If a moving company offers you a very low or very high quote, then they are scam artists.

  • A company that does a proper estimate and then offers you a reasonable quote based on your possessions, the distance that needs to be travelled, and any additional services required are legitimate.
  • You must ask your moving company for a written quote with all the charges specified so they cannot add anything later.
  • You should also never sign a blank contract as your moving services can add on extra costs at the end of the move.
  • It is a good idea to get your moving contract checked by a legal authority to see if it is legitimate and if all the costs are included.


Besides the above features, you must ask your family and friends for trusted moving companies and pick only experienced and insured companies.

Ask your removalists if they provide insurance so that your items are covered in case of any damage when they are transported. Lastly, trust your instincts and pick a removalists Adelaide that you feel comfortable with and can rely on.