How to Make a DIY Moving Survival Kit During COVID-19?

How to Make a DIY Moving Survival Kit During COVID-19?

Oct 01, 2020 Moving to a new home in the middle of the health emergency is toilsome. In such a critical situation, the state government of Adelaide has been encouraging people to stay safe at home in order to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. However, if you left with no option than home relocation, then strictly follow all the precautionary measures, such as physical distancing, wearing a face mask, washing hands for 20 seconds or using hand sanitiser, etc. So, consider these things while prepping for a move. Besides packing your household belongings and hiring the best removalists in Adelaide, make sure you prepare a DIY moving survival kit to protect your family from the novel coronavirus. Of course, it is critical to ensure that you have all the important items for a safe and sound move, but you can do a bit of research before packing your kit. If you are relocating for the first time during the global health crisis, have a look at the following contents that you will need to put in your moving survival kit. Let’s Get Started!

1. Hand Soap

Washing hands with soap is one of the key precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to health experts, the coronavirus can last on surfaces for up to 3 days. This means practising good hygiene can prevent the spread of the virus. While preparing your survival kit for the home relocation, make sure you add hand soap in it. You can put 2-3 soap dispensers in your kit so that you have enough for the kitchen and bathrooms when you reach your new home.

2. Hand Sanitiser

This is a must-have item for everyone who is planning to relocate during this crucial phase. You should have a few bottles of hand sanitisers during the transit process. It will work as an extra precaution if you don’t have enough water for washing hands. Tip: Do not forget to use it before eating or touching your face.

3. Disinfecting Wipes

No matter how deeply you cleaned a new home, the process of moving in can make things dirty and track in a lot of germs and grime. So, be sure to add a few packets of disinfecting wipes in your moving survival kit. All you need to do is to wipe down the common surfaces after the relocation to keep the virus at bay.

4. Face Masks

Apart from social distancing, make sure you always wear a face mask to reduce the spread of this virus. It will protect you from the respiratory droplets, dust, dirt and dander while moving from one location to another. That’s why adding extra masks for each member of the family is imperative in the moving survival kit. Tip: Make sure your professional removalists in Adelaide wear face masks when loading up the truck.

5. Toilet Paper or Paper Towels

It is good to pack paper towels or toilet paper while preparing your survival kit for a house move. Having two or three rolls of toilet paper or paper towels will help you know that you have enough to remove accidental spills that may occur during the transition process.

6. First Aid Kit

Always carry a first aid kit, especially if you have small kids and elders in your family. Keep a few medicines, bandages, instant cold pack, antiseptic wipes, first aid manual, aspirin, thermometer and other stuff because injuries and accidents can happen to anyone while lifting or loading heavy belongings to the truck.

7. Hygiene Items

This includes razors, deodorant, dental products and other hygiene materials that you may need during the move or after reaching your new house. So, keep all these items in your survival kit.

8. Cell Phone Chargers

Most people forget to carry their cell phone charges on the final moving day. Due to a busy schedule and a ton of tasks to manage, it is easy to overlook such small things. But, make sure you pack your phone chargers properly and put it in your survival kit. It is good to have a power bank, especially if you are moving to the new city.

9. Trash Bags

Bring a roll of trash bags and put them in your moving survival kit. Try to have plenty of bags as it can help you pack knickknacks or food items while moving from place to another.

10. Snacks and Bottled Water

It is good to keep healthy snacks and bottled water along with you because moving is one of the hectic tasks. So, keep yourself hydrated and eating healthy snacks, such as nuts can keep you energised throughout the journey. Plan your meals a day before your moving date so that you can prepare it without any chaos. Make sure you have enough water and snacks for your kids.


Relocating home is one of the stressful events, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to follow all the precautionary measures and hire the best removalists in Adelaide who can give you a safe and secure moving experience. Apart from this, prepare a survival kit on your own with the help of this article. This will help in protecting your family from the spread of this lethal virus throughout the process.