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07 Jan, 2022

How To Make Your New House Kid-Friendly?

Moving to a new home is fun and exciting for adults but daunting, mentally exhausting and stressful for kids. It is difficult for them to leave a place of comfort, mates and familiar neighbours.

Therefore, commonly children experience relocation stress that causes them to withdraw, throw tantrums, become irritable and exhibit uncharacteristic behaviour. You must spend a lot of time with them when moving, which is possible by hiring professional removalists in Adelaide. Take the assistance of professionals for managing some or all aspects of your move to support your family members through the tough transition period. Additionally, follow these tips by experts to make your new house kid-friendly.

Dedicate A Wall As A Creative Canvas

Provide an outlet for your children’s creativity and energy by dedicating one wall in their room as a canvas for painting, writing or doodling. Install a big whiteboard on the wall with a small chalkboard for them expressive through visual creations. This step is especially helpful when you have mall children and want to make the house attractive and fun for them.

Baby-Proof Immediately

Focus on baby-proofing the entire house besides unpacking upon arrival at the new home. Apply the round corners, straps, clamps and other safety tools on countertops, windows, drawers, and other areas. It will help keep your child from hurting themselves accidentally or opening storage units with food, grains, drinks etc.

Do this activity once before placing the home décor items, then after you setting up furniture. Baby proofing is crucial for homes with toddlers, and you must do it while your hired removalists in Adelaide move and unpack your belongings at the new home.

Get Suitable Furniture

A house move presents you with the opportunity to change furniture. You can donate or resell old furniture with sharp edges, glass or other non-friendly features for children. Make sure to get rid of them before the move as it will reduce the packing and moving load for the removalists.

After you are at the new home, get new furniture with round edges, attached cushions etc., to have better-suited home décor for a growing family. While looking and selecting furniture, involve your kids in the moving process to make them feel more at home and connect with the new place sooner.

Make Sure The Walls Have Washable Paint

Keeping walls free of spots, stains, smudges and marks is impossible when you have small children. Therefore, ensure all the walls in the kid’s bedrooms and living rooms have washable paint that you can clean with microfiber cloths, soap and water.

Semi-glass and glossy paint finishes are the most suitable for a home with kids as they are low maintenance and easy to clean. Additionally, kids like shiny things, which will make the walls more enticing for them than walls with flat or dull finishes.

Keep Entryways and Pathways Clear

When settling in a new home, pathways and entry points are often cluttered with boxes and household items. Your children can trip, fall and met with injury and accidents while playing, which is why you must keep these areas clear to make your home kid-friendly. Even while unpacking, make sure you do it in one room and keep children out of the way.

Additionally, use moving equipment like sliders, harnesses and straps to take heavy and bulky items from one place to another without increasing the risk of household items and furniture toppling. Ask your removalists in Adelaide to unpack the moving boxes to speed the process of settling and keep entryways/pathways clear.

Be Practical About New Purchases

Your new home can need many things to make it comfortable for your family or presentable for guests, but you should always remain practical about the purchases. Buying new furniture, home decor items, clothes, and other items must be done after considering space, necessity and urgency.

Don’t make the mistake of getting expensive and complex toys as a bribe for children to get them to like the house. Instead, involve your children in the decision-making and selection process for things you really need like appliances, home décor, wall paints etc.

Add Colour To Kids’ Rooms

Your children’s room should reflect their personality to make it more endearing for them. Therefore, if you are reluctant to experiment with the accent, dominant and complementary paint colour in living rooms, kitchen and bathroom, consider being creative with themes of your kid’s space.

Show them a wide range of combinations and consult a professional painter to select the best colours for the walls of play areas or bedrooms of your kids. In addition, decorate the rooms with glow in the light stickers, family pictures, hangings, fun wallpapers etc.


Moving is challenging for most children, as it is harder to deal with separation anxiety and relocation stress. Therefore, make them look forward to moving into the new home by following the tips shared above. Hire professional removalists in Adelaide to manage packing and moving to give you more time, energy and bandwidth to make your new house kid-friendly.