How To Move Out Of Your Share House Without Conflict

How To Move Out Of Your Share House Without Conflict

Mar 06, 2023

Are you living in a share house with your friends or flatmates in Adelaide? Share houses can be great fun as you and your co-tenants live together and share communal spaces like your living room, kitchen and garden area.

The best part is share houses also lower upfront and monthly expenditures as each co-tenant shares the rent costs, security bond and utility expenses like electricity and water. But living in a share house can also cause a lot of interpersonal conflicts and arguments, even if you are staying with your friends.

If you feel it is time to move out of your share house, you should do so without hurting your flatmates and must give them due notice.

You can also explain your reasons for the move while removalists Adelaide start packing up your belongings. If you want to leave on a good note and avoid conflict when leaving a share house, follow the tips below.

What Are The Living Conditions In A Share House

In a share house, two or more people live together in one rental unit or home in Adelaide and share the rent costs, utilities and the security bond. This is possible in three living conditions such as:

Boarding Or Loading With Your Landlord

If your landlord leases out rooms to fewer than three people, it is a boarding arrangement. The landlord stays in the same home and can enter the shared spaces anytime.

Rooming With Three Or More People

When your landlord leases a home or apartment to three or more people, it becomes a rooming situation, and the landlord becomes the proprietor, and the tenants are the residents. This rooming arrangement has to follow all guidelines of the Residential Tenancies Act 1995.

Co-Tenants Where Each Person Shares The Rent

In a co-tenancy, two or more people enter into a lease agreement with the landlord and share a private rental property. Both the co-tenants are responsible for paying rent on time, and if one fails to pay their dues, the landlord can hold both the co-tenants responsible and evict them. Co-tenants also divide the costs of utilities like gas, water and electricity and share the bond.

If you are moving out of such an arrangement, you must do so without conflicts by following the checklist below:

Checklist For Moving Out Of A Share Home

Give Your Flatmates Advance Notice Of Your Move

When you decide to move out of a shared home, it is important you give your flatmates at least a month’s notice or, at the most, 3-4 weeks’ notice before leaving. This will not only give them time to process the news, but they will also be able to start looking for a new roommate.

You must also give them enough space to understand this decision, so they do not get upset. If they want to talk about it, you should let your professional Adelaide removalists start packing while discussing your decision with your roommates.

Clear Your Rental Dues And Shares Of The Lease Agreement

Once you have notified your roommate, you must start clearing up your dues like unpaid bills, rent, transfer of utilities, etc. If you are ending your tenancy before a bill payment cycle, you can calculate it by referring to the previous bill.

Calculate the days you were invoiced for the bill and then multiply it by the outstanding days left and clear these amounts in time. When moving out, the worst thing would be to leave your roommates to handle unpaid bills and rent arrears.

Declutter Your Space To Remove Extra Items

Moving out is the perfect time to sort through and reevaluate your possessions to get rid of things you don’t need. If you have a severe hoarding disorder, this will help you stay organised by removing extra things and lightening your moving load. You can start with the following:

  • Throwing away damaged or expired items
  • Donate items that you haven’t used in a year
  • Sell items you don’t need but are in a good condition

It is important not to leave unwanted stuff in your home for your roommates to clear, as this can create a lot of hatred. If there is memorabilia you want to leave for your roommates, give it to them directly before leaving.

Start Packing Your Belongings As Soon As Possible

Once you have decluttered your space, you must start packing your belongings and arrange your packing supplies like paper, tape, labels and boxes.

If you are not getting time to pack between studies or work, you can hire seasoned Adelaide removalists to help pack your belongings within the due time. You can also ask them to disassemble any furniture you might have so it is easier to move to your new place.


Here are some common packing mistakes to avoid when moving.

Clean Your Room And Communal Spaces

Before you load your belongings and move to your new place, it is only fair to your roommates that you clean and disinfect your old room and communal spaces. This will help you stay on good terms with your roommates and benefit the next person moving in. Here are some cleaning tasks you should do before leaving:

  • Clean light fixtures, windows and ceiling fans
  • Sweep and mop your room and bathroom
  • Wash dishes and clean kitchen countertops
  • Discard your expired food items from the fridge
  • Scrub your toilet, sink, tiles and doorknobs
  • Wipe shared appliances, like your oven and fridge


Make sure you know the consequences of breaking a lease in advance to be well-prepared.


Before you leave your share home, take one final round to check if you have left anything behind and return your keys on time. Say goodbye to your roommates and leave on friendly terms so you can remain friends in the future.