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26 Mar, 2021

How To Move Oversized Items Without Breaking Your Back

When you are relocating to a new place, one of the most challenging tasks is to move your oversized items. Such items include your wardrobe, bed, pool table, refrigerator, washing machine, dining table, and other similar things. Loading such items into the truck is not only difficult, but these may also take a toll on your health.

People often suffer neck, shoulder and back injury while lifting the heavy items. These injuries make the moving procedure way more difficult and can stay for a lifetime. Luckily, there are some ways that can help you avoid such injuries. Hiring professional removalists in Adelaide can help you to avoid injuries as well as the stress of the relocation.

Whether it is packing, loading or transportation, the professionals take care of everything, making the moving process a lot easier. However, if you decide to move the heavy furniture and appliances yourself, you need to follow the right ways. Read on to know more about how to move oversized items without breaking your back.

Make your Plans Early

When you decide to relocate, one of the first things you need to do is make a plan to move your heavy furniture, appliances and boxes. You need to secure a path to move such items and also make sure that there aren’t any obstacles on that path. You also need to make a strategy to pack such items and find out the best ways to keep the kids and pets away during the loading process. The more time you will spend in the planning, the easier and safer it will be to move the bulky items.

Disassemble Oversized Items

If you want to move items like wardrobe, bed, pool table, refrigerator, washing machine etc., it is advisable to disassemble as many parts as possible. That will significantly reduce the weight of these items, and it will be easier to handle, pack and load them into the truck.

But before you disassemble the furniture or any part of the appliances, read the instruction manual properly. It will help you to reassemble after reaching your new home. Adelaide removalists always follow this approach while moving large and heavy items.

Follow the Right Technique

If you want to prevent back injury while moving large and heavy belongings, make sure you follow the right technique.

Push Instead of Pull

When you pull any heavy object, it put a lot of strain on your back in comparison to push. Therefore, when you need to drag something heavy and oversized item from one place to another, you should always push it. If you are concerned about the scratches, put cardboard or an old rug under that thing.

Properly Lift Oversized Items

If you don’t know how to lift a heavy item appropriately, even good equipment cannot help you. Always remember that when you are lifting something heavy, never bend your back. Always keep your back straight and use the strength of your leg. Before lifting anything, stretch a little to ensure you are warmed up. Experienced removalists in Adelaide always follow this technique.

Take Help from Friends and Family

It is impossible to lift or load heavy furniture or appliances if you are all alone. Therefore, it is essential that you contact your close friends and family members in advanced and ask for their help. You need assistance of one or more persons to get the job done without damaging the item or getting injured.

Get Essential Moving Tools

Another way to move your large and heavy items safely is by using appropriate moving tools. So, you need things like a furniture dolly, stair rollers, sliders, straps and ropes. You can either purchase these things or rent them from a nearby hardware shop.

These are essential moving tools that help to load oversized items into the truck without any stress or hassles. As these tools carry the entire load of the belongings, you do not get any injury. Professionals also use such equipment to ensure smooth loading and unloading process.

Hire a Removals Company

Hiring a reliable moving company in Adelaide is undoubtedly the best way to move oversized items without breaking your back. The seasoned removalists are more than capable of handling such items and loading them perfectly into the truck. They have moved oversized items several times, so they know about the challenges how to resolve them quickly. All you need to do is hire a genuine company. So, it is advisable to start your research as early as possible. It will give you more time to analyse a company.

The Bottom Line

Moving oversized items during relocation doesn’t have to be a back-breaking experience. All you need to do is follow the ways that are mentioned above. If you want to avoid any injuries or accidents and also make sure your belongings remain safe, contact a reputed removals company in Adelaide. Their professionals have expertise in moving such belongings.