How To Move Plants To Your New House

How To Move Plants To Your New House

Apr 29, 2022

Are you planning to move homes and are worried about how you will move all your plants? Even though moving plants to your new house can be stressful, if you follow a few strategic steps and plan it out well in advance, you can move your plants to your new home with ease.

If you want some expert help, you can also hire a removalist service in Adelaide to help you pack and take your plants to your new home without harming them.

Whether you choose a moving company to move your plants or want to move them yourself, here are some methods by which you can do this:

Indoor Plants

If you are planning to take all your indoor plants with you, you should follow this process:

  • You must first divide them into small and large categories and then plan out how to move them.
  • For smaller plants, you should keep them in their current pots and put some newspaper on the sides of the plants.
  • If you have larger plants, you will first have to trim and prune the plants to fit them in a cardboard box.
  • You should then wrap the plants in plastic and tie them with a string so that you don’t spill any dirt while moving them.
  • Expert removalists in Adelaide recommend using some sphagnum moss on the top of your indoor plants to protect the larger plants.
  • If your new house is far away, you need to be more prepared when moving plants. It would be best if you watered your plants well in advance to moisten their soil for the trip.
  • If you have a lot of stops and have to keep your plants in your vehicle, you must keep the windows slightly open so that the plants get enough air.
  • You should only keep your plants in your car for an hour at a stretch as their soil can get damaged.
  • To help you move your indoor plants for longer distances, you can also hire a removalist in Adelaide.

Outdoor Plants

It is harder to move outdoor plants as it can get quite tricky to carry their roots and dirt. Expert removalists recommend leaving some outdoor plants behind, if possible, but if you want to take a few outdoor plants with you, follow these steps:

  • When travelling with plants, you must make sure that you water your outdoor plants well in advance to keep them moist.
  • Next, you must dig up your plants carefully and keep the dirt around the roots to protect them.
  • If you have tiny outdoor plants, you can place the roots in a paper bag to protect them and to prevent the dirt from messing up your vehicle.
  • For larger plants, you must wrap their roots in burlap to keep them well-protected and dirt-free.
  • If you are travelling long distances, you must line the bottom of your seat with garbage bags so that no plant dirt spreads in your car.
  • You should also keep any larger boxes away from your plants so that they don’t tip over and damage them.

Some More Points To Keep In Mind

Along with the above pointers on how to safely move house plants to your new home without any moving stress, here are a few other pointers that will help keep your plants safe and protected when you are travelling:

  • Ensure that when you water your plants, they are moist enough and not too wet as that could damage the plant soil and be heavier for you to carry.
  • You should also check your new home to see if it has the same humidity or moisture levels as your old home so that your plant can adjust immediately to the new environment.
  • It is a good idea to decide in advance where you will place your houseplants in your new home so that they get the right amount of shade from the windows and have the proper temperature settings.
  • Professional Adelaide removalists also recommend checking your indoor and outdoor plants for pests before travelling.
  • This will prevent any unwanted pests in your vehicle and your new home and keep all your plants safe.
  • To protect your plants from pests, you can use several pest control solutions like neem oil or insecticidal soap.
  • You must also replant and repot all your plants immediately as you reach your new home so that they can adjust in no time, and you can have a beautiful plant paradise in your new home.


Use these tips and methods and start packing your plants to shift them to your new house.