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27 Jan, 2022

How To Move Schools When Moving House?

When it comes to quality education and schools for children, Adelaide is considered one of the best places in the country. That is why hundreds and thousands of people move to this part of South Australia every year. If you are also planning to do the same, then it is a good idea.

However, moving schools of the kids can be a stressful task. It is never easy to gather teachers’ recommendations, academic materials, etc. when you are already occupied with moving-related tasks. Therefore, it is vital to make a proper plan to carry out all the tasks perfectly and timely.

To minimise the stress and trauma of the relocation, hire professional removalists Adelaide. They will help you complete the move smoothly and save your time so you can focus on other essential aspects of relocation like moving the school. Apart from hiring professionals, you also need to follow some guidelines.

Read on to know more about how to move schools when moving house.

Inform Children about the Move

It is always advisable to keep your children informed about your moving decision. When it comes to moving schools, young kids, pre-teens, and teenagers all require plenty of time to process their emotions. You don’t want to surprise them at the last minute. Leaving behind the familiar classroom, teachers, and classmates is never easy, so they are most likely to become upset and may also oppose the decision. So make sure you are available to listen and respond to questions about the relocation.

Explore New City and Select the School

If you want to find the most suitable school in your new neighbourhood, start your research at the earliest. The relocation will become less stressful once you have a plan for where your kids will attend school. Explore the new city and visit different schools before finalising one school. If you also have small kids, know about education and childcare.

Collect Letters and Recommendations Current School

Do not forget to ask some particular teachers, counsellors, and administrators who know your kid to write letters and recommendations for the new school. Such documents are often included in the file you need to submit to your child’s new school for admission. If you consider a private school, such letters may be requested as part of the application process.

Notify Current School to Transfer All-Academic Materials

Once you have gathered everything you need, notify the current school of the kids about the relocation. Request the school to transfer all official transcripts to the new school. Standardised test scores and report cards should be included in these transcripts. Writing samples, information on extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation may also be included.

Forward Medical Records of Your Kids

All vaccines and required shots are most likely to be required by the new school of your children. So, make sure that the current school forwards the medical records, certificate of immunisation shots, and any other vital health history like food allergies to the new school. All this preparation can be time-consuming and distract you from moving tasks like packing. So, you should consider hiring a reputed Removalists in Adelaide. They will let you focus on the school moving of the kids.

Explore the New School before Their First Day

Before the first day of school, take your kids on a tour of their new school after completing your relocation. Show them the new classroom, introduce them to their new teachers, and explore the entire school with them. The kids will be better prepared for the first day of school if they are familiar with the place and teachers.

Purchase All the Essential School Supplies

Allow your child to choose new school supplies before starting the school year, from books, bags and binders to notepads and pens. So, include such things in your new home shopping list. The school supplies will not only excite them about the change but will also offer them a sense of control over the difficult transition. If you already have a lot of new supplies, move the items safely along with other belongings with the help of seasoned Adelaide removalists.

Be Supportive and Stay Positive

Finally, keep in mind that your child’s transfer to a new school may take longer than you anticipate. Everyone adjusts according to their own schedule. Extroverted children may find it simpler to make friends and transition, but introverted kids may take longer to adjust to their new environment.

So, you need to be patient and supportive no matter what the situation is. Spend time as a family together, so they don’t feel isolated. Encourage your child to focus on the good aspects of life and guide them toward things and groups in which they are interested. Your child will eventually adjust to the new school if you do all of these things.

The Bottom Line

Moving schools of the kids during the relocation can be very stressful, particularly when you are doing it for the dirt time. Therefore, you must make a proper plan before moving out of the home and focus on every minute detail of the school moving. To make the relocation stress-free and hassle-free, hire certified removalists in Adelaide. They will ensure the safety of your belongings throughout the process.