How To Pack Mirrors For A House Move?

How To Pack Mirrors For A House Move?

Jun 07, 2023

Mirrors are among the most important things to move during a house relocation. You need to pay extra attention while packing and moving them else they will develop cracks, scratches, and other damage.

Therefore, you will need the right packing supplies and moving equipment to securely handle and transport the fixtures. If you want to do away with the hassle of managing your entire move, hire professional removalists in Adelaide. Since the professionals have the training, resources and expertise to handle house moves, they can pack mirrors and other belongings and ensure they are transported without loss or damage.

However, if you are up for packing mirrors in your house, here is your complete guide outlining how to clean, pack and move them expertly. Have a look.

Unmount & Clean the Mirrors

Dust, dirt and moisture can threaten the structural integrity of glass surfaces. They can make your mirrors cloudy and spotty necessitating replacement.

Therefore, before you pack the mirrors, take them down the walls and give them a good wipe using a microfibre cloth. If the mirrors are dirty, use a solution of white vinegar, dishwashing liquid and water to remove smudges, fingerprints and other marks.

Arrange The Right Packing Supplies

Since mirrors are delicate items, moving them without cracks and scratches is challenging. As mentioned below, you will need quality packing materials to secure the items for handling and transport during a house move.

  • Paper and plastic shrink wraps
  • Styrofoam moulds for covering the corners
  • Bubble and foam wraps
  • Large flat corrugated moving boxes (measure the mirrors to get the right-sized boxes)
  • Newspaper to fill empty space in the moving boxes
  • Extra Strength Packing Tape

Pack The Mirrors Carefully

Place all mirrors in one room along with the packing supplies to complete the task quickly and without accidents or injuries. Here’s how to pack the mirrors carefully.

  • Lay down the paper sheet on the floor and place the mirror reflecting side down on it.
  • Tape the paper at the back, then repeat the process again with bubble wrap and tape.
  • Once the mirrors are completely wrapped, you should slide them inside the moving boxes and tape both ends of the boxes.
  • If you have small mirrors, wrap them with bubble and plastic shrink wrap.
  • Keep them inside moving boxes and fill the empty space with newspaper to cushion the fixtures and prevent damage.

If you are moving during the rainy season, line the moving boxes with plastic garbage bags before keeping the wrapped mirrors inside.

Label the Boxes with Mirrors Well

A common mistake more people take while packing mirrors is not labelling the boxes well after packing. If you have hired professional removalists in Adelaide, they must be able to identify delicate items to handle them with care. Thus, use packing tape with fragile written on it or a marker to mention ‘handle with care’, mirrors, and fragile on the moving boxes.

When you label the boxes correctly, the mirrors are placed on the moving truck upright and stacked well. These items are loaded on the moving vehicle last and unloaded first to reduce the risk of damage during transit. Loading the moving truck in the right order is key to eliminating risk of item damage.

Unpack Mirrors Immediately Upon Arrival

A house move is challenging and tiring, which is why most people procrastinate unpacking and setting up the new home. However, to minimise the risk of damage, unpack the fragile items, especially mirrors, immediately upon arriving at the new home.

Open the boxes with a paper cutter and slide the mirrors out carefully. Next, peel the tape from the bubble wrap or cut it. Next, fix the mirrors at the designated places in your new home and save yourself the worry of the fixtures breaking.

When To Hire Professional Removalists?

Due to a demanding job, small children or other work/personal commitments, handling a move is challenging. The good news is you can hire professional removalists in Adelaide for local, long-distance and interstate moves.

The professionals can quickly and correctly pack furniture, clothes, home decor items and more, leaving you with ample time to focus on other moving-related tasks.

You can hire professionals just for packing or moving your things. However, hiring removalists in Adelaide to handle the complete move from packing, transporting to unpacking is a wise solution because you can reduce your stress and have peace of mind.

Wrapping Up

While packing for a house move, you can undergo a lot of stress and anxiety, especially while packing mirrors. These are fragile items that need special care and attention. Therefore, follow the tips shared above to pack and move house mirrors effectively and efficiently. However, if you are not confident, don’t hesitate to take professional assistance and move to your new home smoothly.