How to Plan a Successful Garage Sale Before Moving
furniture and other stuff in a garage sale

How to Plan a Successful Garage Sale Before Moving

Apr 25, 2019 Moving is all about packing valuable belongings, measuring large furniture, searching professional removalists and the list goes on. The stress and physical effort involved in a relocation process may annoy you, but there is certainly one thing that you will love about it. Moving allows you to convert all your unwanted items or clutter into cash. You can get rid of things that you no longer need by arranging a successful garage sale. This is one of the best ways to earn extra bucks to cover packing and moving expenses. However, garage sales might seem a difficult task, but you can successfully manage it if you take the time in thorough planning beforehand. Once after scheduling your moving day and hiring professional Adelaide Removalists, make sure you organise a garage sale to sell out unused or unnecessary items that are in good condition. Here is the ultimate guide to plan a successful garage sale before moving:

1. Decide a Date

Timing is one of the crucial factors when it comes to generating successful results from a garage sale. So, the first step is to pick the right date and time when people can come and buy your goods without any rush. In Adelaide, from late spring to early fall is the best time of the year to organise a garage sale. But if you are moving in a hurry, you can pick a date or day where people are not at work – you can choose weekends for sale. It is an excellent chance to get a more massive crowd if you start early in the morning because people won’t have to break off their entire day to attend the sale. The ideal time to run a garage sale is from 7 a.m to noon on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

2. Sort your Goods

Garage sales allow you to declutter your house and get rid of all the things that are no longer in use. After deciding the date, make sure you inventory your goods and make a list of things that you are going to sell. This can be done before starting the packing process. Grab a box and collect all the items that you haven’t used for years (or months). Pick up anything you don’t want but make sure they are good in condition. It can be anything old furniture, electronics, clothing, lamps, bed sheets, old CDs, etc. What if anything doesn’t end up selling? Worry not! You can either donate or recycle those items. But, for that, you need extra time so that you can easily inspect the entire property and collect all the belongings you don’t want to take along with you. It is good to involve your partner, kids and other family members in this task and complete it as soon as possible.

3. Take a permission to run a garage sale

Many cities in South Australia now require that you have a permit to operate a garage sale. Make sure you cross check with a clerk in Adelaide to find out if you need to take permission or not. Try to avoid the sales if you don’t have the permits; otherwise, you may end up getting fined. Many cities are enabling people to apply for permits online. So, check and run a hassle-free garage sale in Adelaide.

4. Advertise your Sale

This is the most crucial steps to have a successful garage sale in your locality. Let the people know about this opportunity where they can buy goods at comparatively less price. A good advertisement in the local newspaper can help you drive massive traffic to your garage sale. But make sure you add all the relevant information like the location, date, hours, and also include a short list of items you have for sale. Also, prepare your on-site signage to catch the attention of neighbours and the people passing by. These advertising ideas will help you gather more traffic for the garage sale. You can also promote your garage sale online. Post an ad on free online classifieds, community message boards and on popular social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reach more potential individuals who are interested in your sale. This is one of the fastest ways to let people know about your sales. You can also upload some pictures of the items you want to sell to attract potential buyers.

5. Arrange Tools and Supplies

Don’t forget to arrange the supplies such as portable tables, chairs, etc to display all your items. For example: If you are selling clothes, then borrow a garment rack to hang them properly. Also, buy tape, tags and stickers to attach prices to all your goods.

6. Attach Price Tags

Next step is to categorise all the items and put the same stuff together. Once you have grouped them, start pricing your goods. Instead of overpricing them, make sure you put realistic prices to let people pay you without a second thought.

7. Keep Things Organised

It is always good to organise everything ahead of time. You can set up the area at least 3 hours before the sale. Make sure you display all the grouped items together so that you can get started with your sale in the early morning. You should do this after packing your household belongings that you want to take along with you. This will reduce the stress out of your moving and give you a plenty of time to focus on your garage sale.

8. Generate Cash from Sales

Customers at garage sales are always in the bargaining mode. They love to end up buying goods at the lowest price. You can leverage this situation and get rid of the things you don’t take along with you to your new house.


A well-planned garage sale before the final move out can help you earn extra dollars for the items that you haven’t used for months. You can get rid of them and reduce your moving cost. If you are concerned about the safety of your belongings during the relocation process, make sure you hire a certified and experienced removals company in Adelaide. They will take care of your belongings and deliver them to the new address without any damage.