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19 Apr, 2022

How To Prep Your Refrigerator For Moving

Packing and loading a refrigerator is one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to moving. It is not only a heavy appliance but also a delicate one. So, you need to be very careful while handling it. Even a little bit of negligence can end up damaging your costly belonging. So you must make a plan to get the job done smoothly and safely. Many people prefer to hire professional removalists Adelaide to carry out the task perfectly.

They have expertise in packing and loading all kinds of bulky and delicate items, including a refrigerator. In other words, professionals minimise your stress level by ensuring the safety of your valuables and saving your precious time. However, if you are moving on a tight budget and do not have other options other than moving on your own, you must know the correct procedure to pack and load such an appliance.

Read on to know more about how to prep your refrigerator for moving.

Empty and Defrost the Refrigerator

The relocation may take more than a day, and you won’t be able to use your refrigerator during that period. So make sure the appliance is entirely empty. Plan ahead of time to ensure that you finish all of your perishable products before the moving day arrives. Turn your refrigerator off so that any remaining ice in the freezer melts. Clean the water when there is no longer ice in the fridge.

Disassemble Shelves and Other Parts

Remove all detachable parts from the refrigerator. Such parts include trays, organisers, shelves, dividers, and other loose or movable pieces. To provide appropriate protection, wrap the shelves in a towel or a blanket and pack them inside a box. If you think packing all of the detachable parts separately will increase your hassle and stress, use tape to hold them inside the fridge. If you are unable to disassemble the parts, hire professionals. However, before choosing a company, learn how to pick good removalists in Adelaide.

Clean the Refrigerator Thoroughly

You must deep clean your refrigerator after the defrost procedure completes. It is essential because when the temperature inside the appliance increases, the inside will become an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mould. So, take your time and thoroughly clean your refrigerator. You can use an all-purpose cleaning or a baking soda and water solution. After cleaning, use a dry cloth to wipe down every nook to ensure there is no dampness.

Secure the Doors

You must secure the doors of the appliance and pack it properly to avoid any damage during the transport. To secure the refrigerator and freezer doors, use a sturdy chain or rope. If your appliance has two doors, make sure both door handles are tied together. The refrigerator doors may open during loading or transit if you do not secure them tightly enough, which can cause damage.

Pack your refrigerator with stretch wrap once you have secured the door. Do not forget to use a protective blanket to cover the appliance’s exterior. During the move, it will prevent scratches and dents. If you want to save your time and get the best packing, opt for a professional removals company in Adelaide.

Do not hesitate to Ask for Help

A refrigerator may weigh more than 100kg, depending on the size and model of the appliance. So loading it on your own is difficult as well as dangerous. The last thing you want is to sustain a serious shoulder or back injury. So take the help of your friends and family or hire a reliable moving company in Adelaide. Their professionals will ensure your safety.

Use Right Equipment

A refrigerator dolly is one of the most useful equipment for loading the appliance in the truck smoothly and safely. It can support the weight of the refrigerator, making it a lot easier to move it downstairs. Experienced Adelaide removalists carry such equipment to ensure that the loading is completed flawlessly. If you are following a DIY move, you can rent the equipment from a nearby hardware store. It is one of the moving safety tips everyone should know. When renting it, make sure the straps are strong enough to keep it in place, and the base is big enough to hold the fridge firmly.

Load it safely in the Truck

You must position the refrigerator strategically in the truck to ensure it remains entirely safe during transportation. Keep it in the corner of the truck and shield it with the mattress. It will prevent the appliance from moving in both directions. Use other furniture to build a shield around the fridge to make it even more secure. Ensure that you drive as gently as possible and avoid rapid acceleration or slowing, sharp corners, roundabouts and speed bumps.

Take Away

Preparing your refrigerator for moving is challenging, particularly when you do not have any prior experience. However, you can make the task easier by making a detailed plan in advance. You can either follow the ways mentioned above to complete the task or hire certified removalists in Adelaide. Pack your refrigerator only a day before moving out of the home and unpack it as soon as you reach the new place.