How To Prepare Large Potted Plants For House Move

How To Prepare Large Potted Plants For House Move

Feb 27, 2023 Are you planning a house move? Juggling between packing chores and other important tasks, such as updating a new address or transferring utilities, can make you anxious and create obstacles. You may even forget about preparing lush-green plants. These are one of the most delicate things to relocate, and that’s why many moving companies don’t even move house plants. Whether you have indoor or outdoor plants, they may dry during the transition process, or the large ceramic pots may break or cause damage to the other household items. It is good to remember a few things when relocating plants because they are resilient and change-sensitive. So, proper care is required to stay intact and adjust to the new environment quickly. You can also hire professional Adelaide Removalists that can help you rapidly relocate large potted plants. For more safety, prepare your leafy mates for safe and sound relocation with the help of the following tips:

1. Prep is Important

If you are relocating planter boxes or large potted plants where the pot is 90 cm tall or more, empty the soil to reduce the weight. Preparing everything in advance can make things, especially if you are moving for the first time. Make sure you have enough time for re-potting and other important tasks related to plan relocation.

2. Re-pot Ceramic Pots

Ceramic pots are fragile and prone to damage if not handled properly. Plus, they are heavy to lift and can lead to personal injury. If you want to relocate your green indoor and outdoor plants, you must re-pot them in plastic pots. Make sure you re-pot at least two to three weeks before your relocation day. This won’t shock your plants due to any change. Do not forget to pack your ceramic pots using quality packing supplies, such as bubble wrap and then in a cardboard box because of their fragile nature. Make sure you read instructions if travelling with plants within South Australia or across a new state and plan accordingly.

3. Water Your Plants

Watering your plants at least 2 days before your moving day is important. This won’t keep them wet or extra soggy or dry during the transition process. However, you need to ensure how much water each plant requires for better outcomes. For instance, cactus or aloe vera needs water once in 10 days. So, it is good to water them a week before your move.

4. Separate the Soil, plant and Pot

Moving large potted plants is always risky, especially if you do it without professional assistance. So, it is good to empty the soil of heavy plants into smaller pots or heavy-duty bags. Place the root-ball carefully into the non-porous bag with moist soil and put it horizontally for a safe transition. Once the pot relocated to a new house, re-pot it once again as soon as possible. You can handle your house removals like a pro if you plan things wisely without taking any stress. Disassembling the pot, plant and soil this way can make things easier for you. This is one of the best hacks when you have large and heavy potted plants to relocate. Professional removalists Adelaide also follow the same trick when moving plants.

5. Safely Pack Your Plants

Here are some quick and easy tips for packing your large potted plants for a safe and secure move. Keep the following hacks in mind and keep your green mates intact throughout the process:
  • Place the plant pot inside a plastic bag like a grocery one. Cover the soil with the bag. This won’t cause a spill during the lifting and transportation process. Make sure you secure the plastic bag with bands.
  • Pack your plants in open cardboard boxes. Tray-style boxes that come with a handle if moving locally. It is good to remember other useful tips for local house move in Adelaide, especially when doing it for the first time.
  • Do not forget to fill the empty space with crumbled newspaper or packing peanuts to provide extra cushioning.
  • Pack each pot in newspaper before putting it into a tray when moving your plants in winter.
  • Stab holes into the moving boxes if you are packing in a box with a lid. This will promote air flow inside the box.
  • Pack sphagnum moss into the top of taller plant pots and tie it with tape or string.
  • Take care of your plants like your pets because they are fragile and need care from you.
  • Label your boxes such as fragile, indoor, outdoor or fragile plants for extra attention during the process.

Could Water or Soil From Potted Plants Damage my Furniture?

It is important to hire the best removals Adelaide because they are equipped with quality packing supplies to provide extra coverage to your furniture and plants. If you do it yourself, there is a high chance of damage or breakage. It is good to reduce your moving load by packing only the large furniture you need in a new abode. Create a floor plan to fit your old furniture and pack your stuff accordingly. So, it is good to use moving blankets to pad the space between pots and your other household items. This will catch soil spillage and water that could happen during the transit. You can do other things as well: Make sure you enclose the drainage holes at the bottom of your pot with plastic bags and tie it around. Don’t do it too tight, as this could cause harm. This will prevent spillage or leakage from the bottom of your pot. Keep your plants away from chemically-based cleaning products and other items, as they can harm them. Dispose of fertilisers properly, as you can’t move hazardous chemicals with you.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are moving next to the apartment or across a new town, make sure you prepare your large potted plants for a safe house move. Take care of their health and re-pot them as soon as you reach a new abode in Adelaide.