How To Protect Stairs When Moving?

How To Protect Stairs When Moving?

Dec 29, 2021 When people move their belongings during the relocation, they often end up damaging the property, particularly the stairs. Moving is already expensive, so the last thing you want is an additional cost to repair the dented, chipped or scratched stairs. Also remember that damaging the stairs when moving out of the rental house can make you lose your bond money. Therefore you need to figure out the ways that can help you to protect the stairs during moving. That is why many people prefer to hire professional removalists in Adelaide. The experts use modern equipment and are aware of the latest techniques to load the heavy items and boxes into the truck without damaging the walls, floor and stairs. But what if you need to carry out the task on your own? All you need to do is to follow some guidelines. Whether you have wooden stairs or carpets stairs, you can always take some precautionary measures. It won’t take a lot of time, but save you from a lot of trouble that comes on a moving day. Read on to know how to protect stairs when moving.

Measure Your Furniture Perfectly

One of the best ways is to measure the furniture that you will move down the stairwell. Also, make sure that you measure the stairwell’s width. The most common cause of stair damage is the furniture that is simply too wide, causing the corners to scratch the stair surface. You don’t need to worry if you can’t get your furniture through the front entrance or down the stairs. In this situation, the certified Adelaide removalists provide a service known as hoisting. The professionals use special equipment to get the furniture out of the window using special equipment. However, you need to make sure that you find quality removalists for your next move.

Follow the Right Lifting and Carrying Techniques

Improper lifting and carrying procedures are also responsible for the stair damage. There is always a risk of dropping the moving box or heavier pieces of furniture down the stairwell if you don’t know how to hold them perfectly. The lack of knowledge can not only damage the stair but also your belongings. You can also get injured as well. You should never fill out the boxes to the very top. If the items of the moving boxes are excessively heavy, they may tear the box and fall out on the stairs. Thus, for heavier objects like books and appliances, use small and medium-sized boxes. For light items like blankets, towels, clothes, linens, etc., use large boxes.

Use Protective Material to Cover the Stairs

Moving on to another crucial factor that can damage your stairwell. Many people go up and down the stairs several times on the relocation day. They will all bring dust, dirt, water and mud inside the house, leaving stains on the stairs. To protect the household and stair, you can use plastic wrap. Purchase an entire roll of plastic wrap and place it on each step of a staircase. You won’t need to tape it because the plastic wrap will form to your stairwell like a glove. Use Old blankets and Sheets If you don’t have any plastic wrap on hand, you can also use old blankets and sheets. Just be sure you cover all of the stairwells. You’ll need high-quality tape, in this case, to keep the blankets from moving when you step on them. Protect staircase rails Wrap furniture blankets around stair rails and secure them in place with tape or string. If you don’t have any more furniture coverings, simply use regular blankets or old clothing to provide additional padding throughout the relocation.

Place a Doormat In Front of the Entrance

Place a doormat in front of your doors to prevent people from walking into your property with unclean shoes, particularly in bad weather. Everyone should first clean their shoes, and it won’t take a lot of time. This will keep dirt, mud, and water from spreading. Even if the weather is beautiful outside, you should clean your shoes before entering the house. You will also be protecting your wooden floors in this manner.

Hire Professionals

Hiring reliable removalists in Adelaide is perhaps the safest option to avoid any damage to your staircase and the rest of your property. Experienced staffs are used to taking precautions and know how to clean up after themselves. They have had years of practice, so you can trust them to carry out an excellent job. They use modern tools and methods to ensure safety and also save a lot of time. Before you choose a removals company, make sure to examine their web reviews.

Take Away

Protecting the stairs and other parts of the property during the house moving doesn’t have to be a challenging task. Follow the ways mentioned above to accomplish the task perfectly. If you want to ensure the safety of the property as well as your belongings, then contact the best removals company in Adelaide. Their professionals will help you to experience a stress-free and hassle-free relocation.