How To Reduce House Moving Cost In Adelaide

How To Reduce House Moving Cost In Adelaide

Apr 07, 2021

The relocation process is time-consuming and stressful, but more importantly, it is costly. To relocate smoothly and ensure the safety of your valuables, you need high-quality packing material, specialised equipment, proper transportation and reliable removalists in Adelaide.

As you need to pay for all these, the relocation becomes a costly project. The worst part is, you always end up spending more than what you have estimated. So, before you decide to move, make sure you have enough savings to relocate without any financial stress.

Whether you are moving to another city or a nearby suburb, it is always advisable to save as much money as possible. The amount you will save will help you to settle down in your new place. People, particularly those who are relocating for the first time, find it difficult to minimise their relocation expenses. Luckily, there are some excellent ways to control your overall cost. If you follow the ways, you will be able to complete your move without digging deep into your pocket.

Here are some excellent ways to reduce house moving cost in Adelaide.

Prepare a Budget

If you want to reduce your relocation cost in Adelaide, the first thing you should do is to prepare a budget. People often overlook its significance, and as a result, they end up paying more than what they should. A budget helps you keep track of all your expenses so you do not pay anything unnecessary. It also allows doing the cost-cutting in the right areas, if required. So, note down all your expenses and prepare a detailed budget.

Choose a Moving Day Carefully

One of the most crucial things that you should remember while relocating is to choose the right time. Hiring a reputed moving company in Adelaide during the peak season can cost you a lot of money. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid a move during such a season.

People usually prefer to relocate at the starting or end of the month and weekends. So, you should move during the middle of the month and choose the weekdays. The demand for professionals is lowest during this time, so their charges will also low.

Declutter Before You Pack

There are several things in your home that you don’t use anymore. It doesn’t make any sense to waste your time, energy and money to move these items to your new place. Therefore, you should get rid of all the irrelevant items before you start your packing.

Always remember that the lesser stuff you have, the lesser it will cost you to relocate. Organise a garage sale and sell stuff like old electronics, small appliances, coffee table, books, cycle, decorative pieces, etc. You can use the money to cover your relocation expenses.

Choose Professionals over a DIY Move

When you are relocating in Adelaide, you might want to follow a DIY move to save money, but it can be a mistake. If you are relocating on your own, you will have to pay for the boxes, packing supplies, modern equipment, moving truck, etc. On top of that, if your friends or family members are not available on that day, you will have to arrange for workers to load heavy belongings into the truck.

That is why hiring experienced removalists in Adelaide is more cost-effective. From providing boxes and packing supplies to loading and transport, they will do everything. Most importantly, they can prevent the damage to your costly furniture and appliances.

Pack Everything Yourself

Another excellent way to reduce relocation cost is by packing everything yourself. If you want to save your time and efforts, then you can opt for the best packaging service in Adelaide. The professionals will pack all your belongings perfectly and in an organised manner. However, you will have to pay more to get the service. If you want to reduce the moving cost, then pack your stuff yourself. You can take the help of your friends and family to make the task less hectic and tiring.

Arrange Boxes at Free of Cost

If you are relocating on your own, then you will have to purchase or rent the cardboard boxes. However, you can save a lot of money if you can get the boxes for free. To arrange the boxes, you can visit the liquor store and grocery store and let them know your requirements. As these stores do not have any shortage of cardboard boxes, you can get as many boxes as you want. Select only those boxes that are in good condition. Otherwise, they won’t be able to carry the weight of your belongings.

Save Money on Packing Materials

You can also reduce the overall moving cost by minimising the expenses of packing materials. During relocation, people use plenty of bubble wrap, packing papers, blankets, etc., to keep the delicate items safe. These supplies are costly, which increase the overall cost. Instead of using these things, you can use old bedsheets, towels, socks, newspapers and other similar stuff. These things will keep your valuable items safe throughout the process.


It is no secret that a relocation process involves a lot of money but reducing the house moving cost doesn’t have to be an impossible task. All you need to do is to make your moving plans properly and follow some smart tactics. If you want to experience a cost-effective and hassle-free move, contact a professional removals company in Adelaide. They will complete the task perfectly.