How To Relocate Home With A Toddler?

How To Relocate Home With A Toddler?

Aug 06, 2021

Preparing for a moving day can be taxing, especially when your kids are involved in the process. Apart from packing your household items and streamlining the important tasks, you also need to pay special attention to your toddler.

This whole transition process can be tough on your small children. It can impact your child’s health and that’s why you need to plan things according to that situation. For an example, keeping them away from heavy boxes or stopping them from using the permanent marker on walls or other surfaces.

So, the job can be extremely difficult for you. To make things a bit easier, you should prefer hiring trained Adelaide removalists who can manage your entire process. They will give you plenty of time to focus on your kids and let you move safely to the new house.

If you want to organise your home relocation journey with a toddler, then keep the following tips in mind from start to end.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Arrange a Baby Sitter

If you don’t have enough time due to the moving chores, then you should have someone who can take of your kid. This will let you focus on the packing and moving-related tasks without worrying about your toddlers. They will take care of your kids until you load the truck with the help of trained removalists.

However, finding the babysitter in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging. So, do thorough research and find a professional one that follows all the COVID-19 precautionary measures while taking care of your small kids.

Tip: You need a babysitter for 4-6 hours on the final moving day. So, be calm and relaxed.

2. Keep Them Involved in the Process

Home relocation is a stressful and emotionally draining process for kids too. Leaving their school, best friends, room and neighbourhood behind can make them feel sad.

You should divert their mind by assigning them some easy moving-related chores. Try to keep them occupied throughout the preparation. Turn boring tasks into a fun activity by letting them pack their room.

Encourage them to pack all of their toys into boxes or collected clothes from all rooms. It is good to involve and keep them busy.

3. Create a Curiosity for the Moving Day

Make them feel that moving to a new place is overall an exciting thing. You can get your kid excited about moving by creating curiosity. It is always good to stay positive and energetic, especially if you have toddlers at home.

Carry out every single task like a fun activity because this will make your kid feel joyful. You can also pack up your belongings with your little ones and reward them if they complete the assigned tasks.

4. Arrange a Toddler Room/Zone

Kids love to roam around from one room to another. So, it is important to choose a safe place where they can hang out and play their games. You can use a baby gate to add more security and safety.

Keep a close eye on that zone, even if you are busy with loading household belongings into the truck.

5. Hire Professional Movers

DIY moves bring challenges and make your entire journey way more difficult when you have toddlers with you.

The best thing you can do is to choose a reputable moving company in Adelaide because they have years of experience in moving all types and sizes of belongings without causing any damage. This way, you can also be able to pay attention on your kid while movers take care of your expensive and heavy items.

Tip: Ask your friends and family members for referrals or recommendations. Also, check the online reviews and get quotes from at least three companies to get the best deal.

6. Don’t Change the Daily Routine

Toddlers love their routine, and that’s why moving with small kids become tough for many parents. While preparing a moving day plan, make sure you stick to your daily routine as much as possible.

Try to wake up at the same time, eat breakfast with them and spend quality time as well. This will give them a sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Make sure you plan everything ahead of time to avoid last-minute chaos.

7. Pack a Moving Essential Kit

Do not forget to pack up your essential kit while moving with your toddlers. They need food, water, medicines and toys while travelling. You can pack up this bag a day before your final move and do not forget to include the first aid box, a pair of extra clothes for your kids and of course, healthy snacks and water bottles.

Tip: It is good to keep extra bottles of hand sanitisers and disinfecting wipes if you are moving in the COVID-19 situation.


Moving with kids is not as difficult as many parents think. All you need is proper planning and preparation. For better results, you can hire highly-certified removalists in Adelaide and keep your belongings protected while taking care of your toddlers.