How To Safely Moving From The City To The Suburb?

How To Safely Moving From The City To The Suburb?

Dec 12, 2022

The capital city of South Australia is best known for its multicultural diversity, high-end infrastructural developments, sporting and entertainment events, world-renowned wine regions and well-flourished manufacturing and defence sectors.

Ranked as one of the top 10 most liveable cities globally, Adelaide is a hub for international students, families, working professionals, and young entrepreneurs. There is no denying that the city offers the best lifestyle opportunities, but people are rooting for small towns, countryside areas and suburbs for

The city offers a balanced lifestyle, but people are still heading towards small towns and suburbs for various reasons. Inner and outer suburbs in Adelaide offers a family-friendly ambience, laidback lifestyle, affordable yet spacious homes, lush-green parklands, decent shopping area, schools, healthcare facilities and much more.

You can hire professional removalists Adelaide for your precious and delicate household belongings. With their assistance, you can move within the city or across a new state safely and soundly.

If you are moving from the city to the suburb, have a look at the following tips and prepare yourself for this big change:

1. Prepare Yourself

A city’s life is more comfortable, entertaining and vibrant. However, people have been migrating to the suburbs because of hectic schedules, bad quality air, pollution, cluttered roads and a fast-paced lifestyle.

It is important to ask whether you want to live in a country or a well-developed city. You deserve a suburban lifestyle if you choose joy, a green environment and spacious homes over stress, pollution, and a studio apartment. Since it is a big change for the entire family, take your time, discuss the plan with your family, ask relevant questions and decide what is best for you.

Preferences of the entire family matters when making the final decision. Whether you want a big house or live close to the CBD, make sure you consider everything so that you won’t regret it later

2. De-cluttering is Important

Of course, homes in the suburbs are spacious but do not pack everything, as it can increase your load and overall moving budget. You can de-clutter using the KonMari method and bring happiness and spark to your life.

Clear the unwanted or broken/empty items before starting the packing process. It is also good to donate pre-loved items to charities in Adelaide. Selling old items online is also a good way to earn extra dollars.

3. Choose a Location\Suburb Wisely

With many small towns to live in, choosing the best ones to enjoy high-class amenities and affordable housing is always good. Here is the list of best suburbs you can choose when relocating home:

North Brighton

It is one of the best beachside suburbs in Adelaide, which is located 13 km south of the CBD. It is famous for spacious homes, community centres, green parks and the best culinary delights. Over 90 per cent of people leverage the benefits of top-notch education facilities.

North Adelaide

The suburb is known for its vibrant ambience, best food and beverage scene, entertaining hubs, and other facilities. It is a haven for young and talented people, students and retired couples.


This is a perfect family-friendly location where you can access top-class amenities, such as schools, cafes, healthcare facilities, grocery stores and boutiques close to the residential area. The suburb has all types of dwellings, including townhouses, high-rise buildings, spacious houses with a lawn and million-dollar mansions.

4. Prepare Your Belongings for a Move

Whether you are moving locally or across a new city, packing is one of the important phases to keep your items intact throughout the journey. So, it is good to hire professional removalists in Adelaide for your delicate household items.

If you are doing it yourself, stock up on all the necessary supplies, such as packing tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and paper, boxes, blankets, towels, etc.

Use two-layer packing material to keep your items intact during the lifting, loading and transition processes.

Also, consider useful tips for local house move within city if you are moving to the suburb to avoid last-minute chaos.

5. Dismantle Large Furniture

Safe removals is possible if you dismantle large furniture pieces, such as a dining table, beds, dressing table, etc. Read the manual and disassemble large pieces. You can make a video so that you can assemble it without any complications.

Pack loose pieces properly and label everything.

6. Prepare a Moving-Day Essential Kit

It is obvious that you are busy choosing the best school for your kids or preparing your expensive items for a move, but do not forget to pack your moving-day essential kit.

Add a first-aid kit, water bottles, healthy snacks, toys, toiletries, clothes, blankets, and other important things so you can easily spend your night at a new abode.


It is important to discover the pros and cons of the suburban lifestyle before starting the packing process. Keep these tips in mind for a safe and sound move and hire professional Adelaide removalists for your household belongings.