How To Save For An Upcoming Move

How To Save For An Upcoming Move

Aug 13, 2021 Maintaining financial stability during a move is crucial because you need to spend on many things besides your fixed household expenses. Poor monetary planning and lack of budgeting lead to depletion of your savings quickly due to over-expenditure. Therefore, you should use a reliable budget planner and be proactive to save as much as you can. It will help you economically manage packing and hire good removalists in Adelaide without burning a hole in your pocket. Here is a complete guide outlining valuable tips to save for your upcoming move. Follow these tips to monitor your expenditures before relocation and have enough money for after-move expenses.

Follow the 50-30-20 Budgeting Rule With A Twist

50-30-20 is a general budgeting rule that requires you to spend 50% of your household income on necessary things such as groceries, utility bills, insurance etc. 30% of income is for eating out, travelling, luxury goods and other wants while the remaining 20% is for saving. However, you should follow this budgeting rule with a twist when you have to move in a few months. Spend 50% on necessary expenses and reduce your expenditure on wants to save as much as possible. Ideally, you should save up to 30-40% of your household income for relocation as you need money during and after a move to manage the process comfortably.

Downsize & Declutter

Downsizing and decluttering are among the best ways to reduce your packing and moving load. You save money for the following reasons with fewer things to pack and transport. • Removalists in Adelaide charge according to the weight of items, size of your home, moving distance. Thus, you can save by reducing the load. • You spend less on packing supplies like boxes, tapes, labels, bubble wrap, foam wrap etc. You can donate things in good condition that you don’t need to a local charity or a recognised organisation like GIVIT, The Salvatore Army etc. However, before choosing a charity, make sure it is reliable and listed on the ACNC Charity Register.

Host a Garage Sale

To earn extra bucks on the side for your move, you can always sell household items and personal belongings via a garage sale. After downsizing and decluttering, you can put on sale items you have never used or don’t plan on taking to your new home. Make sure these items are in good condition and rate them reasonably. You can sell things online via platforms like Garage Sale Trail, Gumtree, Garage Sale Finder, and many others. Alternatively, host a traditional garage sale at your home with everything on display with price tags. Advertise the event through social media or use printed flyers.

Hire Removalists In Time

When you book removalists at the last minute, it costs you more because there is no discount, and professionals can charge more for immediate arrangements, especially during peak moving seasons. Most reputed removalists in Adelaide offer advance booking services to help clients prepare for their relocation without stress or hassle. Also, with ample time to book removalists in Adelaide, you can get free quotes from multiple companies then choose a reputable moving organisation offering quality services within your budget.

Get Free Moving Boxes

Purchasing new moving boxes every time you move is expensive, which is why you should get free boxes. You have the following options to get corrugated boxes at no cost. • Ask relatives, friends or neighbours if they have boxes you can use. • Visit local supermarkets, liquor stores, booksellers, coffee shops, and other retailers to get quality boxes. • Check platforms like Gumtree, Craigslist, etc. to find people offering free boxes. • Some removalists in Adelaide offer free moving boxes after you submit a security deposit which is refunded after you return the packing materials.

Avail Backloading Service

Backloading is an economical moving option that reputed removalists in Adelaide offer, particularly for long-distance or interstate moves. When you avail of backloading service, your property contents are loaded on a partially or completely empty truck coming back from a job. You only pay for the space your boxes take on the vehicle, which is a lot cheaper than renting a moving truck. However, book removalists for backloading only when you have time, as the process takes longer than a regular moving service. You need to hire reliable removalists, be patient and keep track of your boxes to ensure they will reach your new home safely.


Relocation is always financially taxing as you have to manage moving-related expenditures along with fixed household expenses. You can deplete your savings without being proactive. Therefore, follow the tips shared above to save money for an upcoming move. This way, you will have the budget to hire good removalists in Adelaide and ensure you have enough money for after moving expenses!