How To Set Up Utilities When You Move

How To Set Up Utilities When You Move

Oct 08, 2021

Moving to a new place is always exciting, but it is also stressful and confusing. When you have so many responsibilities to take care of, it is not easy to set your priorities correctly. Some get involved in the sorting and packing of their belongings or cleaning the property to the extent that they neglect other vital tasks. One such crucial task is to set up your utilities so that you don’t have to face an unpleasant surprise after the relocation process.

Always keep the task at the top of your priority list along with other vital responsibilities like preparing a budget, hiring the best removalists in Adelaide, etc. Nobody wants to spend their first night in the new place without basic facilities like electricity, hot water or internet.

That is why you must contact the new utility service providers before you move out of the house and schedule an installation date. If you are moving for the first time, then you are most likely to find it confusing. To carry out the process perfectly, you will need some guidelines.

Read on to know more about how to set up utilities when you move.

One Month before You Move

Setting up your utilities usually takes time. Therefore, it is advisable to start your preparation at least a month before you move. The first thing you need to do is to get organised.

Make a checklist of your utilities

Make two checklists to keep track of the various services – one for your current house in Adelaide and one for the new one. These lists should have the same categories for each service. It will help you to decide the services you want to change and stop.

• Electricity
• Water
• Gas
• Recycling and Trash pickup
• Satellite TV
• Internet
• Home security
• Landline telephone

Know about the service providers

Before you transfer your utilities, you must research and know about your service providers in Adelaide, South Australia. If you are happy with your current service provider and they provide service at your new place, you can opt for the same. Otherwise, look for a new option and find the best one. Setting up utilities might needs more effort than your expectation, so it is advisable to choose a reputable moving company. Let them do the packing, loading and transportation of your belongings.

Talk to your New Landlord/ Property Agent

If you are moving into a rental property, the landlord should provide you with the different options of utility service providers in your new place. Do not forget to ask your landlord if the utilities are included in the rent or not. If costs of basic services like electricity, gas, and water are included, then you might not be responsible for their setup. And if the cost is excluded from the rent, ask the landlord if they prefer a particular utility service provider.

Two Weeks before You Move

When you are only a couple of weeks away from your move, it is the right time to remind the professional removalists in Adelaide about the moving date and get in touch with the utility companies to get the job done.

Contact Utility Companies

By this time, you would know which utilities you want to transfer, change or close. So contact the respective companies and forward your request. When you contact the companies, you must have some vital information handy with you. Otherwise, things will get confusing and time-consuming. If you are transferring any utilities, you should have an account number and password, old and new house address, move in- and move out dates. Also, be clear about payment information – whether you are paying to set up a service or paying an outstanding bill.

Questions you should ask to service provider

When you are talking to the executives of a company, ask them some important questions:

• What will be the charges to start or cancellation of service?
• Does someone need to present at home when the services are switched on or off?
• Do you need to pay any deposit at the start of the service?

Week of Move

Arrange the last reading of the gas, electric, and water metres in the days leading up to moving day to acquire a precise use date for your last bill. Keep a copy of this reading for yourself in order to compare it to your final bill. If you need to challenge unusual costs after relocation, having the final reading on hand could be helpful.

Moving Day

Make sure your utilities in your new home have been set up perfectly. Go around and flip light switches and turn on faucets to check. If you have light and see running water, you’re all set! Do not forget to ensure the services were shut off at your old place. You can either check your account status online or call your former providers.

The Bottom Line

Setting up the utilities is one of the most crucial tasks, so any negligence and prove costly and give you a lot of stress after moving. To minimise your stress level, plan everything properly and focus on the steps mentioned above. It will help you to set up utilities in a stress-free and hassle-free manner. To ensure that you can easily focus on such an important task, contact the reliable removals company in Adelaide.