How To Switch Utilities And Services When Moving?

How To Switch Utilities And Services When Moving?

Jul 09, 2020

When moving to a new house, there are a host of tasks to complete like packing, decluttering, hiring professional removalists in Adelaide, among others. In addition to these crucial tasks, one that is imperative to complete before moving out of the old property and move into the new one is to switching utilities and services.

Taking care that the new home has gas, electricity, water, internet, and other services is necessary because no one wants to live in a new house that is not prepared. Therefore, for people moving soon having a plan to ensure all the utilities are set up before occupying the property will it easier to settle in the new home. Here is an expert guide on how to switch utilities and services when moving in Adelaide.

Have a Plan

A variety of services and utilities are used in a home, which is why to switch them properly having a plan is required. When the moving date is decided, and the keys of the new property are handed over, the next step would be to create a list of utilities in the house and which ones should be switched to the new place.

In addition, write details of newspaper, magazine, and other physical subscriptions to ensure they are transferred as well. Taking the help of family members and friends is a good option since making a thorough list can be stressful and time-consuming. The essential utilities that must be set up at the new home are mentioned as follows.

• Electricity
• Water and Sewage
• Cooking Gas
• TV connections
• Internet and data connections
• Phone service or landline
• Garbage disposal services

Keep Necessary Information On-Hand

Before starting the process of switching the utilities and services, having all the necessary information that is required is wise. It will help you stay organised and smoothen the process since whenever the details are required, you can produce them instantly. Here is a list of documents or information you may need.

• Identity proofs
• Address if the current property and the new one
• Personal and home phone number
• Bill and payment information’s
Tax File Number (TFN)

Inquire About Utilities at Rented Property

For people moving to a rented apartment in Adelaide, it is essential to know what utilities are required at the new property. Contacting the landlord for information is the first step, and in addition, asking about which services are included in the rent is required.

With most rented properties, certain services are included in the rent, and the tenant is not responsible for setting them up as the landlord takes care of them. Usually, these include gas, water, electricity and other basic utilities. However, for services like TV subscriptions, data connections, and other utilities of personal use, the tenant will have to make arrangements.

Learn about the Services Providers

Knowing about the authorities that provide the services in the present area is required to contact them when moving out. These authorities can be public or private depending on the service, and you can get their information through previous bills, visiting their online portals, or asking your landlord/neighbours for details.

Most utility providers have easy to access customer care support systems which can be contacted at any time. Make sure the details are jotted in a planner or journal for consolidation and easy availability when required.

Contact the Providers & Notify them

The next step to have the utilities shifted to the new house will be to search the contact information your utility and service providers. Call them or visit as per the requirement to notify about your move and learn the correct procedure to switch the services. If you don’t have the contact numbers handy, then do an online search for utilities in your areas and city to get information quickly.

Some services may have to be discontinued at the current address and started anew at the property you are moving to while other utilities may be switched. According to the procedure and recommendations of service providers, chart out the next course of action. Seek the assistance of professional removalists in Adelaide to have the bandwidth to complete such formalities.

Start the Procedure of Updating or Changing Address

To complete any process for switching utilities, it is vital to update or change your address to help the services providers know where to send the bill. Before moving out of the property, make sure all the formalities are completed before the moving day to start receiving information from the utility departments at your new home.

If you have hired professional removalists in Adelaide, then it would be easier to find time to complete the procedures. In addition, it would help to ask friends and family members for help.

Clear All Due Bills

After all the formalities for switching and discontinuing utility services are complete, ensure all the pending bills are paid on time. Doing this is necessary to move out of the property successfully along with decluttering, packing your household, end of lease cleaning, hiring professional removalists in Adelaide etc.

Furthermore, clearing all dues is practical because it will prevent you from getting unpaid bill penalties. While submitting the last bills, make sure to receive the notification of termination or updating of the services as well.

Wrapping Up

Discontinuing or transferring utility services is of utmost importance besides hiring professional removalists in Adelaide, packing, decluttering, and other completing other moving-related tasks. Therefore, follow this guide to know how to switch utilities and services successfully and without any hassle when moving.