If You Need to Move in Less Than One Week, What to Do First
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If You Need to Move in Less Than One Week, What to Do First

Sep 30, 2019 Shifting a house from one location to another is a time-consuming process. Usually, people have at least one month or a couple of weeks to prepare and pack their household belongings. What if you got the news of relocation a week before your final moving day? If you have found yourself moving in less than a week, you are likely to commit common mistakes throughout the process. It could increase your stress and put your precious belongings in danger during the shifting and lifting tasks. But no worries, even last-minutes moving can be done without any chaos. We have got a list of a complete checklist that will keep you on track when you are relocating in less than one week. From hiring the best Adelaide Removals to packing delicate items, the checklist includes everything to make your relocation journey as smooth as possible. Let’s Get Started!

1. Start with the Planning

Moving in a week or less can be a real challenge for you, especially if you do it without any plan. So, take a deep breath and plan your relocation accordingly. Most people don’t realise the importance of planning. Whether you are moving to the next street in Adelaide or to a new city, make sure you jot down some important things that can help you track your moving progress throughout the journey. Since you don’t have enough time to plan, make sure you start with hiring professional Removalists in Adelaide. Search online and shortlist at least five companies. Ask them to provide you with an estimated quote online so that you can decide accordingly. Make sure they have years of experience in moving homes. The moving team will give you a call so that you can schedule the day and time of your final moving day.

2. Transfer your Bank Accounts

When you are moving in less than a week, you have to get bank-related tasks done on time. You can’t keep them on hold. So, take care of this before the final moving day. In case you are relocating to the new city, make sure you transfer the accounts as soon as you got the news of the move.

3. Take Fewer Items

Sort and purge household items that you no longer needed. Make a schedule and get rid of unnecessary belongings at least five days before your move. This will help you reduce the load of the move, which, in turn, saves time as well as your moving expenses. You can donate those items that are good in condition and throw away the rest. If you have more than a week, then arranging a garage sale can also be a great decision to earn some extra bucks. But that needs time. So prepare it according to your moving schedule. Tip: Try to take fewer items if you are moving interstate.

4. Arrange Packing Materials

There is no secret that time is precious, especially when you have to pack and move your household belongings in less than seven days. Instead of taking multiple tricks to the store to pick up moving boxes and other materials, you make a list of things you will be needed in giving extra protection to your household items. Estimate how many boxes will be required while packing your belongings and arrange other packing supplies too. This includes packing paper, tape, heavy-duty plastics, bubble wraps, mattress covers, etc. Tip: You can ask your hired company to provide you with high-quality packing service. They can wrap your belongings quickly without giving you a hint of stress.

5. Pack an Emergency Kit

Don’t forget to pack an emergency kit or an essential box for the survival of first few nights in your new house. Pack a box with toiletries, clothes, first aid box for your trip. You can prepare different boxes for each member of your family, especially kids and pets. Apart from this, pack a separate box with stuff like pet food, hand sanitiser, toilet paper, bed sheet, snacks, water bottles, etc and put it in your personal vehicle.

6. Disassemble Heavy Furniture

You may get into a situation where you need to disassemble your furniture before your hired removalists arrive. If you have hired a full-service removal team, then they will do this for you and pack the furniture safely using high-quality materials. But if you are responsible for preparing your upholstery, dining table and other furniture, then do it as soon as possible. This will help you avoid last-minute chaos.

7. Clear all outstanding bills

If you are moving across the city, you probably stopped your utility services or had them transferred to the new address. If you are closing accounts, then clear your bills before the final moving day. Give them details about your relocation and ask them to cancel the services a day after your move and transfer it to the new place.

8. Finish Your Packing Chore

Prepare your electronic appliances for a move and finish your packing task by the end of the week. Instead of leaving too much packing for the last day, it would be good to wrap up your work and label all boxes a day before your move. This is one of the best things you can do to avoid last-minute chores.

9. Clean up your Current Home

If you are moving out of the rented premises, then hire best end of lease cleaners in Adelaide who can assist you in cleaning chores at the end of your lease period. Schedule a day and leave all the cleaning tasks to them. They can give you spotlessly clean results within a given timeframe.

10. Updating your New Address

When you are moving to the new place in less than a week, there is a good chance to forget about some crucial things such as changing your address. If you want to receive mails at your new address, then change your address with the post office. Do this at least two days before your final move. You can use an online postal service to get it done or directly go to your local post office and update your new address. This is simple!

11. Confirm the Removalists

Call the removal service provider you have hired to confirm their arrival times so that you can arrange a parking slot for the moving truck. Keep in touch with them to make sure everything is on track. This is one of the ideal ways to avoid unnecessary expenses in hurried moves.


It is an undeniable fact that moving in less than a week is the most complicated tasks. Well, with the help of these tricks, a bit of time management skills and professional assistance of Adelaide Removals, you can do it quite smoothly. Make sure you prioritise every step of your moving process and value the importance of time. These small things will keep you on track throughout the relocation journey.