Important Things to Look For When Renting a Moving Truck
An empty truck outside a property getting ready for loading

Important Things to Look For When Renting a Moving Truck

Oct 24, 2018

Hundreds of people opt for the affordable removalists in Adelaide to facilitate a move every day. And several others decide to do the arduous task on their own due to financial constraints.

While getting professional assistance takes the stress out of the process, making a DIY move comes with its baggage. Each step of the way has to be devised cautiously on your own – from the beginning until the end. Nonetheless, understanding the intricacies of the process and planning ahead of time will keep it much simplified.

The foremost requisite for a DIY move is to evaluate your trucking requirements and hire a suitable truck from a reliable removalists in Adelaide. Here’s a comprehensive list of factors that will help you clinch the best option.

1. Comparing the companies

The marketplace is brimming with a bewildering number of removalist companies making tall claims. So, reserving the most reliable and affordable removalist in Adelaide becomes a tough proposition.

You can achieve the desired success by comparing at least the top three or four firms. Call their offices and ask them the crucial questions such as:

How many dollars do you have to pay upfront?

Do you have to return the truck to a location near your destination or do you have to get it all the way back to the company?

How many miles are covered in the rental fees before you begin to pay per mile?

Do they have moving truck insurance in place?

Do you need to refill the gas tank before returning the truck?

Equipped with the information furnished by the companies, you can start evaluating. The key to selecting the best in the industry is a fair amount of market research. There are reputable businesses that have carved a niche in the market with their impeccable services delivered over the years.

The former customers, through their testimonials, will apprise you of the quality of their previous work. Word of mouth is the most reliable indicator of the commitment of a firm. Ask your friends and the locals about the reputation held by the removalist in Adelaide and request free quotes to distinguish between them.

Once you’re sure about the company, book in advance. Not just that the zone of options expands, booking ahead of time also helps you to save some money when you are moving on a low budget.

2. Choosing the right size

It is vital to browse through the catalogue on the company’s website and scrutinise the various types of vehicles they offer. To determine the capacity of the truck, you need to infer the size of your home, the number of rooms and the bulk of stuff to be packed.

It’s a tricky situation; as choosing a size too small will be disappointing. It will not accommodate all your belongings and compel you to make multiple trips. On the other hand, renting a truck bigger than required will prove to be a rip-off.

Besides this, you’ll be driving the truck yourself. Hence, it is essential to arrange the one that fits the requirement perfectly as larger dimensions would be tough to maneuver. Most of the companies would allow choices ranging from small 10-foot trucks for one or two rooms to larger 26-foot ones capacitating the goods worth three or four bedrooms.

The thumb rule to attaining the perfect size is to pick the truck that accommodates 10% more stuff than you think you’ll load. As things do not always turn out as expected, you will most probably end up carrying more than what you initially contemplated.

3. Getting acquainted with the truck

Make yourself comfortable with the vehicle. Familiarise yourself with the feel of it before you go ahead to book. Unless you are an expert driver, handling a big size truck won’t come easy. Here are a few pointers for you to remember:

Practice maneuvering the truck in on a familiar road first.

Adjust the side mirrors to minimise the obstruction caused by blind spots.

Check the headlights, the side indicators and the wipers on the vehicle before it touches the highway.

Given the big size of the moving truck, taking turns will be tricky. So, allow much larger turning room before making a turn.

Plan the routes in Adelaide to avoid any detours, low bridges or narrow roads.

Identify the road traffic rules of the state to which you’re moving and check your license for expiry date.

Examine the truck for any pre-existent damage.

4. Moving truck insurance

To cover any possible harm to the vehicle, you would require a robust moving truck insurance scheme in place. Before you make the initial payment, make sure you have checked its insurance status. Inquire about the various features covered under the plan. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

So, in case the insurance policy in Adelaide doesn’t cover accidental damages in entirety, purchase additional insurance from the truck rental firm. In addition to this, you will require some moving equipment along with human help to secure the goods to the trucks.

Some vehicles would also provide a ramp to facilitate loading of heavy articles like furniture. Make sure you check if the ramp works before you leave the place.


Once you gain adequate information and master the driving technique, moving with a rented vehicle will become a piece of cake. If looking for authentic and affordable removalist in Adelaide, place your trust in Better Removalist Adelaide.

They have secured a sound reputation in the global market with their unparalleled services and client-centric approach. With their vast experience, they seamlessly guide the customers with utmost proficiency and dedication throughout their removal journey.