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A Couple moving their New TV
16 Sep, 2017

Important tips on how to pack your big screen TV for a move

Big screen TV makes for one of the most expensive items in our house. With the time, TV’s have become lighter and bigger but when it comes to moving it still is difficult to handle as size has taken over the weight.

They can be hard to move, especially if you are doing it without professional assistance. The fragile nature of flat TV screens needs extra protection during the loading, transition and unloading process. Whether you are relocating across the city or next to the street, it is vital to correctly pack a flat screen. You can hire credible Adelaide Removalists who can assist you in moving such delicate items with care and responsibility.

Apart from taking professional assistance, you should keep the following tips in mind while packing your big screen TV for a move.

Here are some valuable tips on how to pack your big screen TV for a move:

  • It is crucial to get a helping hand as it is difficult to manage the television of this mass and size, all by your own. It is best to have someone who could help you lift it and pack it. You can hire professionals for the task who will also help you get insurance cover for your expensive electronics.
  • Gather the packing supplies well in advance to avoid delays. You will need blankets and pads, robust and broad packing tape and packing paper.
  • Blankets can be taken on rent from your moving company or furniture shops. Padding is also significant to protect your television from scrapes and bumps while moving.
  • It is always better to hire the services of an experienced removalist in Adelaide, but in case, you wish to pack yourself; you can hire all the packing material from them.
  • Moving straps are essential as they not only keep the blankets and pads fixed to your TV but also provide a good handle to manage while moving.
  • Now, arrange the blankets/padding on the ground and with the help of someone, place the TV on it in standing position. Arrange all this material well in advance to stay organised on your moving day.
  • Gently wrap the blanket/padding onto it, while someone keeps a firm hold of it.
  • Secure the padding/blanket with the tape, making sure it doesn’t stick to the device as the screen could get damaged.
  • Fix the straps on the padding while two people carry the television set on either side, keeping it upright.
  • Always remember not to lay the screen on the floor as the screen can get damaged.
  • Also, take precautions while lifting as tilting it too much can damage the electronics.
  • Loading the TV in the truck also requires special attention. Keep it in the safest place possible like against the wall of the truck or against the side wall.
  • Secure it with corrugated boxes and large pieces of furniture around it to protect it from shaking on bumpy roads. Make sure that there are no sharp objects around it.
  • Electronics like large screen TV are not easy to manage, so it is advisable to hire the services of Better Removalist Adelaide, who are well equipped and experienced to handle all your electronics.
  • They will manage everything, from packing to transit to unpacking at your new house. Just give a call or leave a message and their representatives will contact you.

These are some great packing hacks that will help you protect your big flat TV from damages during the transition process. Hope the above tips will be useful to you. Have a happy day. If you are looking for reliable Adelaide removalists, then do your thorough research and find an experienced one who can simplify the entire relocation process.