Interesting Facts To Know About Adelaide: Moving Guide

Interesting Facts To Know About Adelaide: Moving Guide

Nov 14, 2022 Did you know that Adelaide is known as the most liveable city in the Land Down Under? It is also ranked as the third most liveable city in the world according to its standard of living. This is no surprise, as Adelaide is a hidden gem that is filled with sprawling rural landscapes, thriving and riveting festivals, delicious food, a warm climate and sandstone cityscapes. If you are looking for a relaxed, family-friendly vibe where you can balance your work and social life, then you must move to South Australia and live in the beautiful city of Adelaide. Here are some interesting facts given by expert removalists in Adelaide to give you a glimpse of the beauty of this city so that you can move here and enjoy the magic of this area:

A Dive Into History

  • Did you know that Adelaide was named after Queen Adelaide and was built to be the capital of the first freely-settled province in this region?
  • Another interesting historical fact is that Adelaide is home to the oldest mosque, which is located in the Central Business District.
  • It would be best if you visited this mosque and viewed the diverse churches in this beautiful region.
  • Adelaide is also called the City Of Churches due to the variety of historic and marvellous churches in the area.

One Of The Most Progressive Cities

Adelaide is known as one of the world’s most progressive cities to live in, as it was the first region in Australia where women were allowed to vote. Australia’s first woman prime minister Julia Gillard is also from Adelaide. Julia Gillard became the 27th Prime Minister of Australia on 24 June 2010 and served her term till 2013.

Low Cost Of Living

Expert removalists in Adelaide recommend moving to this city as it is affordable and offers a high-quality standard of life. Here the cost of renting an apartment is almost 45% lower than that of Sydney, and a transport pass is only $217 for a whole month. If you are looking to buy a house and move to Adelaide, the rates are also affordable, with the average price of a home in this region being $440,000.

20-minute Area

When you move to Adelaide, you will be amazed at how quickly you can get from one point to another in this region. This is one of the main reasons Adelaide is called a 20-minute city, as locals believe it takes only 20 minutes to travel from one part of the city to another part.

Warm And Inviting Weather

One of the best facts about Adelaide and South Australia is that you can enjoy 2500 hours of sunshine every year. The weather is quite hot in summers, with temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius, and winters are snowless, with temperatures between 10-15 degrees Celsius. Some of the hottest months in Adelaide are during the holiday season in December and last till March, so if you like hot weather, this is the perfect reason to move here.

Plethora Of Live Music Events

Adelaide is also a great city to move to if you love music, as it has plenty of live music venues, and the UNESCO Creative Cities Network has even named it the City of Music. You can let your expert removalists in Adeliade unload and unpack all your belongings here while you groove to the tunes of some great national and international musicians and artists.

Power-Packed Festivals

Along with live music events, this city also hosts over 400 fun and thrilling festivals throughout the year. From festivals celebrating cultures, like the Adelaide Fringe Festival and the world-famous Adelaide Festival, you will witness a hip mixture of food, culture and art at these festivals. You can also watch the renowned Australian ballet and Dance Theater performing at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

Birthplace Of Three Nobel Winners

Adelaide is the birthplace of three Nobel laureates, which is higher than any other city in Australia. This shows the high quality of education that you can find in this educational hub. If you are moving with your family, your toddlers and teenagers will have access to some of the best schools and colleges in Australia. Your teenagers can get some great educational training and learn at the University of Adelaide, which ranks in the top 1% of all educational institutions all over the world.

Oldest Wine Growing Region

Once you take a break from unpacking, you can visit the Adelaide Hills Wine region, one of the oldest wine-growing areas in Australia. The quality wine you will find here is of a rich and aromatic variety and will leave you in good spirits. You can savour some delicious wines like Riesling, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay while enjoying the beauty of your new home in Adelaide.

Beautiful Tranquil Gardens

If you want to move closer to the lap of nature, then Adelaide is the perfect place for you, as it has diverse landscapes and scenic gardens. One such scenic garden is the Adelaide Botanic Gardens which has several historic and beautiful structures like the Santos Museum of Economic Botany, the Amazon Waterlily Pavillion and the Bicentennial Conservatory. At these structures, you will not only witness endangered flowers and rainforest plants but will also get a glimpse of the marvellous architecture.

Sunny Beaches

While your removalists in Adeliade unpack your belongings, you can take your family to one of the many beaches in Adelaide, like the Semaphore or Brighton beach. From watersports to fun family activities and beautiful sights throughout the day, you can expect to see the magic of these beaches when you move to Adelaide. In summer, you can enjoy the sun at these beaches and get a nice tan while lying on the sandy shores.

Welcoming Suburbs

If you are looking to move to a quiet area, then plenty of welcoming suburbs in Adelaide are affordable as well. These suburbs are all close to the main business district and offer different appeals according to your preferences. Enjoy the walking trails at Athelstone, get budget-friendly prices at Hackham, immerse yourself in the exciting life at Holden Hill or enjoy the beautiful beach views at Henley Beach.

Best Places To Get Coffee

Australia is a coffee-crazy country, with over 88% of the people consuming coffee on a daily basis. And one of the best areas in Australia where you will get to sip on some delicious coffee every day in Adelaide. The coffee beans used here are locally sourced and are of the highest quality in the region, which makes it worthwhile. Your younger ones will also love this Area as there are plenty of up-and-coming hip cafes and restaurants serving tasty food and exceptional coffee.


With such a high quality of life, low cost of living, good education system and exceptional landscapes and beaches, there are plenty of reasons to move to this gorgeous city in South Australia. You can hire your removalists in Adelaide to help you pack and move all your belongings and then go and explore the variety of gardens or enjoy some fun and action-packed festivals in this city. You will enjoy your move to warm and sunny Adelaide in South Australia.