Is Christmas A Good Time To Move House?

Is Christmas A Good Time To Move House?

Nov 22, 2023
Nothing can be more relaxing than planning your home relocation during holidays, especially if you have school-aged kids. Christmas holidays are the best time to pack and relocate household belongings without any time crunch. According to the latest survey, around 23 per cent of people in Adelaide prefer moving during the Christmas holidays. The most common reasons are school holidays, festive atmosphere, time off work, etc. Make sure you book expert Removalists Adelaide in advance and plan your move at least 7-8 weeks prior to the final day so that you can also enjoy the festive season as well as attend the Christmas event in the city. In this guide, we will delve into why Christmas is a good time to move and some useful tips to prep for house relocation during the festive season. Let’s Get Started!

Key Reasons to Moving During Christmas

Here are some of the key benefits that you should leverage when moving during festivities.

1. Take Advantage of Time Off Work

The majority of working professionals have time off work over Christmas and New Year. Thus, it is the ideal time to prepare for home relocation as you can give needed time to pack, load and move your household belongings. Packing and unpacking boxes can take weeks, and the Christmas holidays are the ideal time to complete all the complicated tasks related to your relocation. The best part is that you don’t need to apply for any leave, as you could have a week or two to pack, move and unpack your belongings. However, it is good to plan your move at least two months in advance and create a proper checklist to avoid any chaos.

2. Make the Most Out of School Holidays

Are moving relocating home with kids? If yes, then Christmas is the best time to make that happen. They will be off school during the festive season, and you don’t need to worry about missing out on their school days. Instead, let them assist you in packing and labelling boxes so you can finish the task on time. Tip: Look for highly trained furniture Removalists Adelaide to help you dismantle, pack and relocate sofas, mater beds, closets and other bulky furniture with precision.

3. Use the Christmas Sales

Believe it or not! There will be a lot more offers and online sales that will be taking place over the Christmas season. Many shops in Adelaide and other parts of Australia induce customers by offering heavy discounts on electronic appliances, furniture and other items. You can make the most of that time and enjoy Christmas sales to buy new things for your new abode. You also donate, recycle or dispose of old furniture before making new investments. Tip: Make a list of items you need for a new abode. It is good to compare prices between retail stores and see how much you could save.

4. Enjoy The Festive Ambience Post Move

Moving to a new house is a major milestone. You can celebrate the festive ambience of Christmas in your new abode. This is the best time to decorate your abode, set up a Christmas tree and use the spacious area of your new living room for a fun party.

5. Easy to Find Great Deals on New Homes

Most people choose holidays over any other season because it is easy to find the best deals on homes and apartments. The majority of residential complexes or realtor offices will have a deal for the Christmas holiday. If you are relocating during the festive season, you can look for landlords or home sellers who are ready to negotiate on the property prices.

Useful Moving Tips During Christmas

Whether you are moving for a job or to start a better life with your family, make sure you plan and prepare for a move like a pro. Here are some tips to help you relocate during festivities with ease.

1. Create a Moving Plan in Advance

It is imperative to plan your home relocation at least two months before the festive season. Create a proper moving checklist with a timeline to avoid delays, logistic errors and other problematic situations in the hustle-bustle of the season. Tip: Install the best moving app in your phone to save time and money when planning for home relocation.

2. Book A Moving Company Early

One of the major downsides of home relocation during the festive season is the increased demand for moving companies. They can be busier and more extravagant, especially if you hire at the last moment. It is good to take recommendations from your family and relatives, compare house removals quotes, check online reviews and ask questions before hiring seasoned Removalists Adelaide. Make sure you finalise your removals company at least 4-5 weeks prior to your busy moving day.

3. Pack As Early As Possible

There is no denying that the Christmas holidays are all about shopping, eating delicious meals and decking up a house. It becomes quite boring to pack your stuff in the middle of the Christmas prep. However, you should start packing as early as possible to reduce moving stress.

4. Keep Your Decoration Separate

You can keep your Christmas decoration in a separate box and ensure it is with you in a personal vehicle. Once you reach a new place, decorate your new home in Adelaide and celebrate the festival.

Wrapping up

Moving a house during Christmas can be the best time for working professionals and families with kids. You can leverage the benefits of moving in the festive season and keep your items intact throughout the process without any delays.