Know About Education And Childcare In Adelaide When Planning To Move

Know About Education And Childcare In Adelaide When Planning To Move

Oct 25, 2021

Hundreds of parents move to Adelaide every year because it offers a quality education at every stage. Whether you have toddlers, school going kids or teenagers, the capital city of South Australia is ideal for your kid’s early development. So, if you have decided to relocate to Adelaide for your kids, you are making the right choice. However, before you relocate, it is advisable to research education and childcare in the city. It will help you to settle down smoothly.

Doing research about schools and childcare is not an easy thing. It requires time and planning. So, you should start your preparations as early as you decide to relocate. To make the move stress-free and hassle-free, hire professional removalists in Adelaide. They will pack, load and transport all your belongings, which will let you focus on choosing the best childcare and school for the kids.

Read on to know more about education and childcare in Adelaide when planning to move.

Importance of Childcare Service

Childcare service is one of the most common services that young parents opt for in Adelaide, South Australia and other parts of the country. There are a few reasons why parents look for such service, and you should know about them. Then only you will be able to make the right decision.

Develop All Kinds of Skills

One of the main reasons why parents need childcare services is because professionals take care of their kids. As a result, they quickly develop their social, emotional and communication skills. Kids talk to other kids, and that improve them quickly.

Prepare for the School Life

The skills that the pre-schoolers learn at the child care help them in future when they go to school. The skills your kids need in school cannot be developed in the home. As a parent, you can always provide the extra support they need and polish their skills, but they need to learn it from childcare.

What Choices Do Working Parents Have?

The cost of living in Adelaide might not be as high as in Sydney, but still, it is costlier than many places in Australia. Therefore, it becomes imperative that both parents work. Then only they will be able to survive in a place like Adelaide. And when both parents are working, they get little time to focus on their kids. This is where the childcare came to the rescue.

Types of Childcare Service

If you are in Adelaide or any other part of South Australia, you can expect to get at least the following childcare services.

Long day care: It is a centre-based service that provides education and cares for children from birth to 6 years. Many centres also offer education and care to the school going kids out of school hours.

Occasional care: In this type, parents get occasional child care for their babies, children, and toddlers under school age. This type is usually offered by government preschools and a few other child care centres.

Family daycare: In this service, kids get reasonable and personalised care by a trained educator in a nurturing and safe home environment. Professionals may care for up to 7 children at a time, and their age should be up to 12 years.

In-home care: The service is offered in your home. Qualified educators provide high-quality early childhood education as well as care.

Out of school hours care (OSHC): This type of service is available for school-aged kids before and/or after school and sometimes during school holidays.

Preschool and kindergarten: This service can be offered by the government, community or private providers. Kids, who are 4-5 years, can attend preschool.

Choosing the Right School for Kids

Choosing the right school at the right place can be a stressful task. Moreover, you also have other things to worry about like how to find the best suburbs, how to save money, how to relocate home with a toddler, etc. You want to minimise your stress level, hire experienced removalists in Adelaide.

Preschool or kindergarten is not obligatory in South Australia. However, it is always recommended because it will help your kids to develop the skills required for primary school. Once your children reach the age of 6 years, you need to send them to school. As per the law, children between the age of 6 and 16 years should attend school. You can send your children to a government or public school, a private school or a Catholic school. In the final two years, high school students must accomplish the South Australia Certificate of Education.

Adelaide has around 100 private schools. If you decide to send your kid to a private school, then you are free to set up a home at any distance from the school. As a result, you will get freedom to choose your prefer house as per your budget. However, if you choose a specific government school, you need to make sure you live within the school’s zone. You can get the information about the zone directly from the school and also from the internet.

The Bottom Line

Adelaide is one of the best places to settle down if you are moving to South Australia because of various reasons. However, the education and childcare system of the city is one of the vital factors that attract young parents from everywhere. Choosing the right child care service or school can be stressful, but you can reduce the stress level by planning everything in advance. Also, consider hiring a reputed removals company in Adelaide.