How to Make Moving with Pets Easier?
A couple moving with Timmy the brown labrador

How to Make Moving with Pets Easier?

Nov 23, 2018 Do you love pets? They are the most adorable and lovable creatures that can prompt your sense of well-being. Whether you have a dog, cat, or a fish, you will get the same amount of affection and love from them because they stimulate positive energy and bring a smile on everyone’s face. However, taking care of pets, especially during house relocation is very imperative. If you have pets and you are moving your house, then you will need to take extra care of them. Since animals like a dog are particular about their territorial aspects, make sure you make them feel relaxed and comfortable while moving. They feel the same level of stress as humans do but can’t express them. You need to put extra efforts on getting them back to the routine without affecting your moving chores. You can also hire experienced Adelaide Removalists to reduce the stress of your move. They can help you from start to end – from packing your belongings to shifting them to your new house. You can rely on them and focus on your pets. In case, you are planning for DIY move with your pets, then have a look at the following tips that will make your job easier.

1. Prepare Them Ahead of Time

No matter how stressful your move is, make sure you prepare your pets ahead of time. It is good to add a tag with their collars to ensure they will never get lost during the moving process. Make sure you add your phone number on ID tags. You should also add microchip for more security in Adelaide, so you can be reached easily even if they go missing. Also, try to make them comfortable with the changes. For this, you can put cardboard boxes ahead of your packing process. This will give them a sense of familiarity when you start packing your belongings after a week.

2. Follow the Same Routine

There is no denying the fact that prepping for a move can make your routine stressful. Whether you are sorting out your closet or packing your boxes, there is a good chance that you could skip your lunch or sleep late at night. This not only disturbs your daily routine but also make your pet anxious. Since dogs are tied to the same structure you follow, make sure you get into the moving process slowly and steadily. Instead of rushing, give them time to explore the new things and activities related to a move. You can do this by keeping your pet on their same schedule such as meals on time, walks, potty breaks, etc. Also, play with them – toss the ball in the backyard to make them feel happy. The more you follow the same routine, the better you will make your move easier.

3. Take Appointment from your Vet

Whether you are moving interstate or shifting to the next locality within Adelaide, you need to make sure that your pet has all the vaccinations done before the final moving day. Contact your veterinarian and take previous and current health records & prescription medications (if any) with you. It is good to keep a close eye on the health of your pet, especially if you are at the end of your moving process.

4. Prepare an Emergency Kit for your Pet

If you don’t want to give strain of a move on your pet, then prepare an overnight kit for them. Put enough food, toys, water, and other grooming tools to keep them comfortable when you arrive at your new place. This step is imperative for every pet owner who is moving to a new house. You can also add some extra food and medicines so that your pet can survive in case of an emergency.

5. Keep Them Safe & Calm During the Move

It can be tedious for you to pack and lift piles of packing boxes in and out of the house on the final moving day. When you have pets, make sure you set up a separate room for them with their food, toys and water. All you need to do is to keep them away from your moving chores. This will help you relocate your belongings quickly and easily. Don’t forget to keep a litterbox in a room in case you have a cat.

6. Hire A Reliable Removalist Company

It is good to hire a reliable and experienced Removalists Company in Adelaide if you are facing challenges in moving your belongings along with your pet. They can assist you in your moving chores using a custom-made checklist and introduce you to the laws for moving pets to Adelaide. Some of the removalists can help you pack your belongings with utmost safety. So, if you are concerned about the safety and comfort of your pet, you can hire any moving company and reduce the stress out of your move.


These are the best tricks that you can enforce to make your move easier with pets. All you need to do is to take extra care of them and keep them comfortable and relaxed until you get back to the same routine after the move.