Most Common Packing Mistakes

Most Common Packing Mistakes

Oct 27, 2022 Moving to a new home is challenging, stressful and financially taxing. Depending on distance, moving load, and other factors, a house move can cost anywhere between $300 to $8000. Avoiding packing mistakes is one way to ensure you don’t incur a financial loss. Your belongings can get irreversibly damaged due to a bad packing job. Therefore, carefully wrapping and boxing property contents is crucial for handling and transit. Hire professional removalists in Adelaide to pack and move your things. Since the professionals have the training, equipment, and expertise, they can swiftly and without damage manage house moves. However, don’t make the common packing mistakes below when packing yourself. Take a look.

Packing without Considering the Distance

Long-distance moves (over 80km) are more challenging than local moves. Your things are in transit for hours, and if they are insecurely packed, they can get damaged due to jostling, heat, humidity etc. Therefore, you must keep the moving distance in mind while boxing property contents. Also, rent a storage unit when moving at short notice or interstate to keep your things safe while you travel and manage other important tasks.

Packing Things without Cleaning

Packed boxes can remain sealed for days and it increases the risk of mould growth, damage and discolouration when you box unclean items. What’s more, they can get a bad odour from bacterial development and put you and other household members at risk of falling sick upon arriving at the new home. Thus, you must wipe everything with a microfiber cloth before wrapping it with bubble or foam wraps. Just make sure the things are moisture free when you put them in boxes.

Not Compartmentalising Moving Boxes

Dumping things inside boxes without any thought is a bad packing practice, and it increases the risk of damage or loss of items. Therefore, you must compartmentalise by sorting household items, especially small ones with cell dividers, Ziploc bags, plastic bags, packing cubes or compression sacks. Categorising and sectioning belongings help save time and space. Additionally, they make unpacking a lot easier and quicker.

Making Boxes Too Heavy

Overstuffing moving boxes is a common mistake people make, resulting in the boxes becoming too heavy to handle. They can lead to moving injuries and break and spill the contents in the worst cases. Thus, only pack boxes enough to carry them without hassle. Divide heavy items in such a way that they don’t make one a few boxes extremely challenging to pack and move, even for experienced removalists in Adelaide.

Using Random-sized Boxes

Getting used boxes from wine shops, retailers, and other sources for free is a good option. But using random-sized boxes for all your things is a bad idea. You will need small and medium-sized moving boxes to pack most things. Therefore, only get a few used boxes and buy the remaining ones after creating an inventory. If you hire professional removalists in Adelaide to pack your belongings, they will bring the necessary supplies and ensure your belongings are safe.

Packing Without a Strategy

Packing is one of the essential moving tasks, and you must have a strategy to manage it well. Start by wrapping and boxing the least used things first. Pack things of everyday use last to get them loaded on the truck last and unloaded first. Also, pack room by room to put contents of rooms of comfort and necessity like bedroom, bathroom and kitchen at the end in moving boxes. Packing strategically will make your house move extremely manageable and prevent any hassle.

Not Reducing Packing & Moving Load

Packing everything without decluttering is a major folly that can cost you money and mental peace. Books, clothes, toys, utensils, bedding, gadgets and other household items can take up multiple boxes during a house move. Therefore, you must get rid of old, broken and unwanted things in your house. Also, downsizing is a practical solution for reducing the packing and moving load for yourself or your hired removalists in Adelaide. You can donate most things to a local charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. Alternatively, resell things in good condition and appropriate for all ages.

Packing in a Hurry

During a house move, you can procrastinate packing to finish other important tasks. However, this mistake proves costly when you pack in a hurry and don’t secure your belongings adequately. When you box things at the last moment, you can misplace things, mislabel them, keep things without proper techniques and make many other errors. Thus, start packing as soon as the moving date is finalised or at least 6 weeks before the moving day. Also, don’t hesitate to hire professional removalists in Adelaide if you don’t have the time, patience or knowledge to pack for a relocation.

The Bottom Line

Relocating is a challenging time, and you must pack for it well to avoid damage to your things. You can hire professional removalists in Adelaide to pack and move your things without hassle. But, when you pack without professional assistance, avoid making the above-mentioned packing mistakes.