Moving Checklist – Tips For Planning Your Move

Moving Checklist – Tips For Planning Your Move

Jan 06, 2021 Finding a new home to settle and managing the move is a strenuous and challenging process. Usually, tenants and homeowners alike describe moving as one of the most stressful events of their lives. However, the process is necessary and unavoidable for most people, which is why it has to be done even though it is uncomfortable. Whether you are moving short or long distance, the activity requires planning, commitment, and assistance. You have to perform a host of tasks within a stipulated time to ensure no delays, loss of belongings, or over expenditure. While planning a move, it is natural to feel confused or anxious, but the process can be managed smoothly by streamlining your moving-related tasks. Here are things to do and tips for planning your move. Have a look to complete various tasks such as packing, booking removalists in Adelaide, changing your address and much more without any hassle.

6-8 Weeks before Moving

Preparations need to start at least six to eight weeks before the moving day to manage everything smoothly. Here are things you need to do within the initial days of planning. • Find a suitable place to live and get the formalities done, such as arrange the rent, signing the deed/lease agreement, pay the bond, etc. • Create a task list of all the things you need to do. You can use computer software or mobile applications to create various lists easily. • Whether you wish to perform a DIY move or take the assistance of professional removalist in Adelaide, make your budget using a reliable budget planner. • Inform your landlord/property manager and give proper notice. • Visit the neighbourhood and look for schools to enrol your children (if you have any). Also, inquire about migration from current school of your kids. • Look for removalists in Adelaide to help with packing and moving your belongings. Additionally, research about the end of lease cleaners in Adelaide if you are a tenant and need to move out successfully. Get free quotes and estimated for comparisons. • Start decluttering your belongings to discard, donate, resell, or keep them to take along. • Get packing supplies and start wrapping things gradually.

5-3 Weeks before Moving

The sense of urgency to complete tasks increases during these weeks as you have less time and many things to do. It is essential you streamline everything according to urgency and importance. What things should be completed in these weeks? The tasks are listed as follows. • Speed up the packing process and only leave things of daily use and you need a day before moving, until the last week. • Book the end of lease cleaners and removalists in Adelaide, you have chosen after getting estimates. • Complete donating or reselling things you had set aside during decluttering • Make travel arrangement as per requirement. • Contact your nearest waste and recycling centre to dispose of hazardous and other household clutter responsibly. • Start the process of changing your address at the post office, banks, government authorities, utility providers’ databases, etc. • Notify near and dear ones about your move and seek their assistance if required. • Arrange for utilities to be discontinued by the moving date. Additionally, get utilities scheduled to start at the new home.

Two Weeks before Moving

By this time, a majority of your packing and other moving-related tasks should be done. If you perform everything on time, there will be time to spend with family, get your affairs in order, and be ready for the moving day. To spend the last two weeks in your house peacefully and without stress, here are the things you need to do. • Purchase things you will need at the new house. Don’t go overboard and only buy things you really need for settling because rest of the items should be purchased after you move-in. • Pack an essential kit a day or two before moving. This kit should have medicines, snacks, toiletries, and other important things you may need during travel and arrival at the new home. • If you are a pet owner, meet the vet to get your pet checked. If required, send it under the care of someone trusted to spare it the hassle and stress of moving. • Be ready for your hired removalists in Adelaide to pack your belongings (if you have taken the service). Alternately, keep your things packed for them. Also, be ready for your things to be transported to avoid delays.

Things to Do After Leaving the Old House

The process of moving isn’t completed after you move out of your home. There are things to do afterwards as well, and the important ones are mentioned below. • Get the property cleaned adequately by professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide after you have moved out • Ensure you fulfil your responsibilities and get the landlord to put a claim for a full rental bond refund • Assist your hired removalists in Adelaide for keeping boxes at the right place • Unpack your belongings at the new house

Wrapping Up

Moving is a difficult activity for most people, but it doesn’t have to be stressful or chaotic. With the tips mentioned above and task-lists, you can manage everything without any hassle. Make sure you follow the tips and streamline your work along with taking assistance of professional removalists in Adelaide to get everything done smoothly.