Moving During the Coronavirus (Covid- 19) Pandemic: Here’s What You Need to Know
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Moving During the Coronavirus (Covid- 19) Pandemic: Here’s What You Need to Know

Mar 27, 2020 It is no secret that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has stopped the normal routines of the people in Australia and the rest of the world. Government is making every possible effort to avoid social gathering. On the other hand, people are also taking precautions to minimise the spread of this deadly virus by staying inside their home. Schools and colleges are closed while many industries are unable to provide their services. In this situation, moving to a new location can be a challenging task, even if you have hired removalists in Adelaide. Relocation process requires a number of people, but in the current scenario, social distancing can make your job very difficult. So, it is advisable to call off your moving if there is any possibility. But if it is unavoidable, take the necessary precautions. Here are a few things you need to know if you are moving during the coronavirus pandemic. Have a look!

Are Companies Still Providing Moving Service?

Coronavirus has emerged as a serious threat in Australia and to tackle the situation; many segments have been shutdown. But not all essential services are closed, and moving services are one of them. So, at the moment you can contact a removalists company for your relocation. However, the number of companies has certainly reduced so you might face the problem of their unavailability. If you want to hire professionals, contact them as early as possible and book a specific date. If you have already hired removalists in Adelaide, then you must know how to execute your entire moving process safely during the coronavirus. Here are a few measures that you and your removalists need to take to ensure a safe and efficient move.

What Measures Removalists Need to take during the COVID-19 Epidemic?

All reputed removals companies in Adelaide are aware of the Coronavirus Pandemic and thus taking every possible measure to prevent the spreading of the virus. Pre-move wellness checks All reputed removals companies are taking precautions to ensure the safety of their clients and professionals. Your Removals Company may contact you ahead of the move to check if you are healthy. They should also ensure that their professionals are not infected. Social distancing The professionals should also maintain social distancing while they are in your property. They should maintain a 6-foot distance with their clients and avoid any handshakes or touches. This step is very important to stay safe during the moving process. Practising good hygiene The removalists in Adelaide should also maintain the practice of good hygiene in their client’s property. They should wear gloves and cover their face. And if they are not wearing gloves, then they must wash their hands from time to time or sanitise their hand. Virtual video surveys One of the most important things that all the reputed removals companies are following is the use of virtual video surveys instead of traditional on-site moving surveys. This way, the professionals don’t need to visit your home, but you can get an accurate estimate.

What You Should Do During the Epidemic If you have no other alternatives and moving is the only option, take proper safety measures to make sure the virus does not spread, and you don’t face any difficulties during the process. Cancel your move if possible If there is a possibility, it is advisable to cancel your move. People who are above 60 years or have pre-existing cardiovascular and respiratory issues are more vulnerable to this virus. So, do not plan your move unless it is essential. If you want to cancel, do so earlier rather than later

If you don’t want to move or hire removalists in Adelaide due to coronavirus, inform your removals company at the earliest. This will allow the company to be available to other people. Don’t use recycled or free moving boxes One of the most important things you need to do during this epidemic is to go for new boxes. Experts strongly believe that you must not use recycled or free moving boxes as it can spread the virus. Provide hygiene products for your movers Whether you have hired professional removalists in Adelaide or getting help from family or friends, make sure everyone has easy access to a sink, soap and water. Instead of a towel, they must also use paper towels throughout the move. Also, try to provide them with disposable gloves and hand sanitizer. Wipe down your belongings and boxes before moving As a precaution, you should wipe down your belongings and boxes before relocation. For this use can purchase disinfectant wipes from any nearby store in Adelaide. This will reduce the level of germs and bacteria in your new place. Inform the removalists if you have flu symptoms If any of your family members are showing flu and cold symptoms before the moving day, then you must contact the removals company and inform them. You should have an open discussion about the situation and see if you can postpone the relocation. Know about the policies of the company You should know the policies of the removals company in details. If you don’t know, then talk to them about the policies for cancellations, schedule changes, and refunds during the coronavirus pandemic. Make sure they have a storage facility To avoid any problem and protect your belongings, make sure that your company is offering storage facility. If you are travelling to another state, there is a slight possibility that you might face a lockdown situation in the middle of your journey due to coronavirus. At this point, a storage facility can be beneficial.

The Bottom line

Moving procedure is not an easy task even during the best of times. So, when you are battling with a worldwide catastrophe like the coronavirus, you are expected to face more challenges. For some, it would be best to delay the moving plans. But if you have no other options, consider the points mentioned above for safe and smooth moving.