Moving In A Hurry? 7 Tips For The Last Minute Move

Moving In A Hurry? 7 Tips For The Last Minute Move

Oct 18, 2021

Planning and managing a house move is stressful even if you have months to prepare which is why it gets messy when you do it at short notice. Ideally, having 8-6 weeks for moving is necessary to declutter your home, pack everything, change address, and complete other moving-related tasks.

However, sometimes you have to manage a last-minute move due to immediate job relocation, rent increase, dispute with the landlord or unforeseen circumstances. Thus, you should hire professional removalists in Adelaide to partially or entirely manage your move. Reputed removal companies offer customised solutions, meaning you can avail of their services for packing, transporting your belongings, unpacking and much more.

Besides hiring professionals, follow these seven tips for the last-minute move when shifting residence in a hurry.

Lighten The Packing & Moving Load

When moving at short notice, focus on reducing your packing load by only boxing things you really need at the new home. Sort your belongings and get rid of everything that is broken, old or hasn’t been used for at least six months. Dispose of trash responsibly and donate or resell things that are in good condition.

If you have furniture, bulky appliances, equipment, items of sentimental value and other things you cannot discard or give away, put them in a storage unit to deal with later. You can rent a small or large unit to keep your belongings safe while you settle in your new home.

Book Removalists As Soon As Possible

Finding good removalists at the last moment is difficult and tiring, which is why you should book them as soon as your plan to move is finalised. Ask your near and dear ones for references in addition to looking for reputed removal companies in Adelaide online. Get free quotes from the professionals and shortlist the ones offering the required services at affordable rates. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until a few days before moving to find and book removalists in Adelaide because you will have few good choices.

Pack Strategically

Start wrapping and boxing items in the basement, guest room and other rooms you use less commonly first. Pack important rooms like the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms at the end to load their contents on the moving truck last and unload first after arriving at the new home. Also, get the right supplies to quicken the process of packing.

• For clothes, shoes, and other wearables, get wardrobe boxes with handlebars.
• Arrange square boxes of small, medium and large sizes
• Get boxes with printed item lists for documents, fragile items, valuables etc.
• Buy packing tape, bubble wrap and foam wrap.

Forgo The Need To Pack Perfectly

Pack meticulously when you have weeks to wrap and box your belongings, but forgo the urge for perfection when you only have a few days. Although as a rule you should never dump things in boxes, but it is the only option when you are pressed for time. Use blankets, towels, newspapers, bed sheets, pillow covers, socks and everything else you can to pack your belongings. With less time, you have to be creative and protect things as best as you can.

If you don’t have the time or energy to manage the task, don’t hesitate to take the assistance of professional removalists in Adelaide. Since they have training, experience and expertise, they can pack your entire house within a few hours.

Follow Checklists

Create packing and moving checklists to streamline your work and avoid skipping crucial tasks. Even professional removalists in Adelaide use moving checklists to sort their tasks according to importance and urgency.

To make your packing and moving process seamless, you can use a mobile application or download checklists online. As per requirement, customised them and create to-do lists that are suitable for you.

Prepare An Essentials Bag

Preparing an essential bag is crucial whether you are moving at short notice or with several weeks to spare. Fill it with necessary things like snacks, water, a change of clothes, medicines, toiletries, blankets, charge etc.

Make sure everyone in the family packs an essentials bag to have things they will need during the move handy. It also makes it easier to settle into the new home and get your things in order.

Seek Help

While moving, you have to complete various tasks simultaneously, but doing everything alone is difficult, especially for a last-minute move. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask your neighbours, friends, family members or people you trust to help. Managing a move without assistance is stressful and impractical because rather than speeding the process, you invest more time and energy sorting, packing and handling everything.


Moving out of your house is challenging even when you have plenty of time to declutter, pack and manage other aspects of the process. Hence unsurprisingly, it is chaotic and highly stressful when you have to move in a hurry. Hiring professional removalists in Adelaide is one of the best ways to manage a short notice move smoothly. Additionally, follow the tips shared above for the last-minute relocation and ensure everything is done without hassle.