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15 Mar, 2022

Moving Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

The relocation process is usually considered stressful, challenging and emotionally draining, but it can also be potentially dangerous. People who lack professional knowledge and try to relocate on their own sometimes suffer from back injuries, twisted ankle, fractured leg, cut, etc. A severe injury can delay the process, and the pain can last for a lifetime. If you want to relocate without getting any injury and ensure the safety of your belongings, then you need to follow some guidelines.

The safest way to relocate is by hiring the best removalists in Adelaide. They will take care of the packing and loading, which will minimise your chances of getting injured. However, there are many more ways to get the job done safely, and you need to know about them.

Here are the moving safety tips everyone should know.

Avoid Overpacking

You don’t need to pack all your books into a medium-sized box just because you can. Every cardboard box can bear a certain amount of weight, so exceeding that can damage the box and your belongings. Moreover, carrying an overloaded and heavy box can disturb your balance, leading to a fall or trip. As a result, you can also suffer from back and knees injuries.

Ideally, you should not pack more than 20 kilograms in a small box, 25 kilograms in a medium box, and 30 to 40 kilograms in a large box. If required, distribute the weight evenly by using more boxes.

Wrap Sharp Objects Carefully

Items like gardening tools, knives and other sharp objects should be wrapped appropriately before packing. It will minimise your chances of getting cuts. Properly secured sharp objects will also protect the items packed inside cartons.

To protect yourself from the sharp edges, wrap the items in packing paper and bubble wrap. For further security, wrap it one more time in a dish towel and secure it with a rubber band. If you find it challenging to pack your things, take the help of professionals. Before you finalise any name, know how to pick a good removalists Adelaide for your move.

Use Appropriate Loading Equipment

If you are moving on your own, make sure that you use the right equipment to load heavy boxes, appliances, etc., into the truck safely. A moving dolly will make your loading process safer for you and your valuables.

You can use a 2-wheel appliance dolly (a hand-truck) or a 4-wheel furniture dolly to minimise the weight of a heavy item on your body and avoid injuries or accidents. Furniture sliders can also be used to move heavy items across a room with little effort and without causing damage to the floor.

Dress Appropriately

It is true that you should wear comfortable clothes when moving. However, you must avoid baggy or too-large clothing because it can restrict your mobility, and as a result, you can stumble. So, choose clothing that is flexible, breathable, and weather appropriate.

Also, wear footwear that provides proper support and make sure you feel comfortable in it. Instead of fragile flip flops or heels that can disturb your balance and mobility, opt for sneakers or boots.

Keep Kids Far From the Moving Day Action

During the relocation, your primary goal should be to guarantee the safety of your family, particularly your children. They can suffer serious injuries during the loading of large appliances and furniture. As a result, you must keep them in a separate room until everything is loaded into the truck.

Managing the kids while concentrating on the loading procedure could be exhausting. To make things easier for you, hire a professional babysitter to look after your children on the day of the move. If you are moving with kids, know how to make your new house kid-friendly and do not forget to contact a reputed removals company in Adelaide.

Avoid Dangerous Chemicals

You must know what not to pack while relocating to accomplish your relocation safely. There are a few items that professional Adelaide removalists would not move, and you should also avoid them.

Bleach, cleaners and disinfectants, solvents, polishes and varnishes, paints, explosives, insecticides, fertilisers, pesticides, and weed killers are some of the items you must avoid moving. You should either give such things to your neighbours or dispose of them without causing any harm to the environment.

Use Safe Lifting Methods

Hiring seasoned removalists in Adelaide to load and transport bulky appliances and furniture is always beneficial. They make sure you and your valuables remain safe throughout the process. However, if you believe you can complete the task, know how to lift something heavy appropriately.

• Wear high-quality gloves to ensure a secure grip on heavy items.
• Always push rather than pull when sliding a big piece of furniture or appliance.
• When lifting a heavy item, keep your back straight. Instead of putting pressure on your back, use the strength of your legs.

Clear the Pathway

During the loading process, you should have a clear path to go with no obstacles in your way. Trips and falls are dangerous enough on their own, but they can be way more severe when carrying a large and heavy object. To avoid any accidents, ensure there is a clear way inside and outside the house. So, before moving out of the home, make a note of all the pathways and clear them completely.

The Bottom Line

The relocation process means a lot of loading, lifting, pulling, and pushing heavy furniture, boxes, large appliances, etc. If you want to stay safe and protect your belongings during the entire process, follow the aforementioned safety tips. To save your time and avoid the unnecessary hassle of loading, hire certified removalists in Adelaide. They will help you experience a smooth relocation.