Moving Timeline: Your Week by Week Moving Checklist
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Moving Timeline: Your Week by Week Moving Checklist

Jun 01, 2020

Moving is a complicated and time-consuming task because it involves numerous responsibilities that you need to complete right on time. If you fail to execute a task on its right time, then the process will get delayed, and that will lead to chaos on the moving day.

Thus, you need to do it in an organised manner. That is why people hire experienced removalists in Adelaide. They can accomplish moving in a stress-free way. However, you can also do it by following a moving checklist. Here is a week by week moving checklist that will ensure a smooth and hassle-free relocation. Let’s have a look!

8 weeks before the moving day

Your moving preparations should ideally start eight weeks before the moving day. It will allow looking into all the essential aspects of moving and draft a plan about how you want to execute the entire moving process.
1. DIY Moving or Professionals: You must decide whether you want to move on your own or hire removalists in Adelaide.
2. Serve Notice: Inform your landlord that you are moving out after 2 months.
3. Prepare a Moving Budget: Calculate how much you need to spend.
4. Start researching Removalists: Start exploring different ways to find the best removalists in Adelaide.
5. Get ready to declutter: Segregate all your things as per their importance.

6 weeks before the moving day

Once you have prepared a rough plan, it is time to make it final and give your preparations a concrete base. This is the right time to start your moving process.
1. Prepare an Inventory List: finalise the thing you want to move and make a list of it.
2. Book Your Removalists: If you have finalised a removals company in Adelaide, book them.
3. Visit the place: If your new home is a few hours drive, visit the place with your family.
4. Arrange Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies: It is the right time to arrange the boxes for free and purchase the packing material.
5. Star packing your fragile items: It may take time to pack your delicate items, so it at least 6 weeks before you move.

4 weeks before the moving day

This is a crucial time. It looks like you have a lot of time, but it is not. So use it smartly and complete the important tasks.
1. Ask for help: Talk to your close friends, family, etc. and ask for help.
2. Start collecting relevant Documents: From prescriptions to receipts, start collection all essential papers.
3. Contact the officials for address change and Utility transfer: Get in touch with the concern people to change the address and utility at the right time.
4. Organise a garage sale: Sell you irrelevant things in a garage sell. It will reduce your moving cost.
5. Start your packing: Start your packing at least one month before the moving day.

2 weeks before the moving day

By this time you have completed the majority of the packing and other important work. In this phase, you just need to make sure that everything is going as per the plan.
1. Remind the removalists: This is the right time to call them to confirm the moving date.
2. Talk to your kids about Moving: Make sure that the kids are not having any problem with the moving process.
3. Remind the officials for address change and Utility transfer: Remind the officials about your specific requirement and date.
4. Pack your essential bags: This is the most appropriate time to pack your essential bag and keep it with you.
5. Look for a Baby sitter/ Dog Shelter: to keep you baby or pet safe n he moving day, look for the right professionals.

2 days before the moving day

You should complete almost everything by this time. 2 days before the moving day, you just need to finish off things in a perfect manner.
1. Cross-check your inventory list: before you seal the boxes, check the inventory list and make sure everything is packed correctly.
2. Put tags on the moving boxes: Do not forget to put tags on the boxes as it will make the moving a lot easier.
3. Keep all the valuables and important documents with you: Valuables like jewellery and cash should be with you.
4. Defrost your refrigerator and pack it: The perfect time to defrost your refrigerator. Allow reliable removalists in Adelaide to pack it.
5. Ask someone to forward your mails: Talk to your neighbours, news tenants, etc. and request them to forward you mails, until the address gets changed.

Moving day

This is the most important day so make sure that everything goes as per the plan. It can be a stressful day, so try to relax and focus on the essential factors.
1. Get up early in the morning: It is the most important day, so get up early in the morning and start preparation.
2. Pack anything unpacked: Scan all your rooms and pack everything that you need to pack.
3. Coordinate with the removalists: Talk to the removalists and discuss how they are planning to carry out the task.
4. Keep your kids and pets safe: Make sure your kids are not distracting the Adelaide removalists. Send your dog to the pet care centre for the day.
5. Make sure the professional have the right address: Talk to the professionals and make sure that there is confusion about the address.

2 days after Moving

Once you have moved to your new house, you need to focus on those things that will help you to settle down quickly.
1. Set up kids room: The first thing you need to do is to set the kid’s room
2. Turn on the Refrigerator: Clean and turn on your refrigerator so that you can start cooking.
3. Unpack basic kitchen products: unpack a few plates, bowls, glasses, etc. to start things.
4. Set up major furniture: start with things like major furniture like your couch, bed, bookshelf, study table etc.


If you want to complete your moving process in a stress-free manner, you need to make sure that you have done all the preparations in the most organised way. And for that, you need to follow a moving checklist. So, the next time you plan to move, consider week by week moving checklist mentioned here.