Out Of Time? 10 Last Minute Moving Tips

Out Of Time? 10 Last Minute Moving Tips

Jan 05, 2023

Despite creating a proper plan, you can’t predict a stress-free and safe house move. There are tonnes of factors that can delay the process, cause damage to the property or ruin the entire moving journey.

People often make silly mistakes and start packing at the last moment. Moving is a tedious process, and you should create a proper plan at least 8 weeks prior to the final day.

However, many people are left with no option other than a last-minute move for different reasons. Whether relocating from a studio apartment or a 3-bedroom house, you need time to arrange packing materials, dismantle large furniture, and book trained removalists Adelaide.

If you are out of time, keep these 10 last-minute moving tips in mind and stay stress-free throughout the process:

1. Make a Quick Plan

Creating a proper moving plan is important if you are moving under a serious time crunch. So, quickly take a walk through your house to find the items you need in your new abode.

De-cluttering is a time-taking process, so you need to do everything in a hurry. Simply clear the mess and sort items according to the category. Toss the broken items and keep the ones you need at a new house. You can also donate the pre-loved items to a local charity.

Also, decide when to pack household items, update the address and transfer the utilities. Consider how much time you have to complete everything to avoid chaos. Make sure you add what you need to do on a moving day and prepare a checklist accordingly.

2. Gather Packing Materials ASAP

When you are relocating on a short note, you don’t have much time to look for more options. It is good to fix one place from where you can gather all the necessary packing supplies. Collected boxes in different sizes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, label, etc.

You can also ask your friends to get some necessary supplies before you begin the packing process. You can also use old towels, blankets, bedsheets, drawers, suitcases and luggage to pack your stuff if you have limited boxes.

3. Pack Room by Room

Packing an entire house can be overwhelming, especially when running out of time. Instead of losing patience, focus on packing room by room. This will help you stay organised throughout the process. You can also consider useful tips to pack a moving truck like a pro and keep items safe and sound.

Start with a dining/living room, move into bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms and then a storage room. Ask your kids to assist you in packing up their room. Encourage your younger kids to achieve results quickly.

4. Get Creative

If you are running out of packing paper or materials, use socks, bedsheets and towels to wrap breakables. You can also pack items in dressing drawers, suitcases and luggage to save precious hours.

5. Use Trash Bags

Trash bags are perfect for packing items like blankets, towels, and clothes. You can also throw non-delicate items into a bag. Make sure you buy sturdy bags that can hold everything with ease.

When using his last-minute moving tip, make sure you label all your bags properly. Sometimes, people lose important stuff when they don’t label their trash bags.

6. Leave Clothes on Hangers

This is one of the most effective tips when moving at the last moment. Leave your clothes on hangers. Now, lay them fast in the trunk of your place or put them inside a trash bag with the hangers. It will save you a lot of time and make life easier when unpacking your belongings at a new place.

7. Make the Most Out of Dresser Drawers

It is important to keep dresser drawers intact and remove each drawer and secure it with tape. Keep the entire dresser as it is to save a lot of time. Don’t put items out of your drawers. Make sure you secure the storage units using packing materials. Make sure you create an inventory list of household items.

8. Book Professionals In advance

As soon as you decide to relocate, book professionally-trained removalists Adelaide because they can help you move all types and sizes of belongings without a hint of stress.

Ask your friends and relatives for genuine recommendations to save time and energy. You can focus on important aspects, such as pricing policy, quality services, professionalism, authenticity and much more.

9. Pack Your Essentials

Nothing is more annoying than accidentally packing all your essentials in boxes loaded onto a truck. So, it is good to pack food, water bottles,  first aid box, cell phone charger, toiletries, etc in a separate bag and keep it with you.

10. Focus on Other Important Tasks

Apart from packing, make sure you do the following because many people forget this in a last-minute move:

  • School Transfer
  • Notify the school and search for a new school in a new area as soon as possible.
  • Transfer Utilities
  • Cancel your utilities at your current house and start them in a new house
  • Update the Address
  • Update the new address at a post office and other important places.


Moving house is always stressful, regardless of how much time you have. If you want to move in a hurry, keep these tips in mind. Do not forget to hire professional removalists in Adelaide for the utmost safety of your possessions.