How to pack your wine and alcohol bottles for a move
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How to pack your wine and alcohol bottles for a move

Oct 09, 2017

Having a wine collection is something to boast about but when it comes to moving it becomes a matter of concern. It has to be made sure that the bottles have been packed with utmost care and precaution to avoid any damage. Here are a few tips for you on how to pack your wine or alcohol bottles for a move:

Check out on the stock and chalk out the bottles which you don’t wish to take along and have been occupying space ever since you bought them (as every bottle has a moving cost). It is a very good idea to gift these to your near and dears as memorabilia.

After deciding on what to take along, get all your packing supplies ready. If your collection has limited versions or some expensive wines, opt for unique wine boxes with Styrofoam dividers. This type of divider ensures that the bottles don’t bang with each other and thus there is no breakage during the transit. These boxes, available in two sizes to hold 6 to 12 bottles, can be relatively expensive but are a must to save your much-celebrated collection. You can also get these boxes from a cheap Adelaide removalist at very nominal fees.

If you don’t wish to spend so much on packing, go for regular wine boxes with cells having cardboard dividers. This type of boxes can be easily procured from a nearby wine shop for free or a little amount of money. Don’t opt for the boxes without cells as this will make your packing process challenging; and stacking the bottles on one another can cause them to break.

There is no need to pack the bottles in special boxes lined with Styrofoam, but for ordinary wine boxes, bottles need to be wrapped in packing paper. Make 2 to 3 rounds of packing paper around the bottle and then fold the ends in a way that there are no loose edges. Secure them with a tape and place them one by one in the cells. You can also hire a removals company for the task and leave all the packing worries on them. They come fully-equipped with the latest packing tools and strategies to give you quality service at the best price. It is good to shortlist at least five companies and compare their estimated quotes before making the final decision. You can look for the most suitable moving partners who can reduce the stress out of your move.

Make sure that the boxes are stable and the base is strong enough to hold the bottles as wine bottles are heavy. Check again by shaking the box and if the bottles rattle, make them stable by adding some more crushed paper to it. Also, put a layer of some old newspaper on the top and then secure the box with the packing tape.

Label the box as “Fragile” and “This Side Up”, to let your mover know how to handle it as wine bottles should always be placed on the floor of the truck.

It is preferable if you hire a reputed removal company for your move. You can trust Better Removalist Adelaide with your wine collection. They are a team of professionals who have are experienced and trained in packing all your belongings. Moreover, they have all the packing material ready; you can feel relieved of all your packing and moving duties.

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Packing and transiting expensive wine collection and alcohol bottles need proper skills and right packing materials. The tips mentioned above in this article will make things easier for you. For better outcomes, you can also consider hiring trained and experienced Adelaide Removalists. They will take care of your packing needs and give you quality assurance.