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28 Oct, 2020

Planning To Move? Consider These Adelaide Suburbs

Adelaide is one of those places that offer all the benefits of a thriving city and also allow you to live a relaxed lifestyle. The capital of South Australia is quite affordable in comparison to other places like Sydney. From employment and educational facilities to beautiful beaches, shopping centres and restaurants, you will get everything in this place.

That is why so many people move to this part of the country every year. If you are also planning to relocate, then you are making the right choice. But before you move, research thoroughly on all crucial factors and one such factor is choosing the right place to settle down.

There are hundreds of suburbs in this city, so choosing the right one can be very tricky. You not only have to focus on the price of the house and units but also need to keep one eye on the facilities the suburbs offer. Once you have finalised a suitable suburb, contact reliable removalists in Adelaide to ensure a safe and stress-free move.

Read on to know more about the suburbs that you should consider before moving to the capital of South Australia.

1. North Brighton

North Brighton is an excellent beachside suburb for the families with kids as well as professionals. It is around 13 kilometres away from Adelaide’s CBD and known for its peaceful, green and clean surroundings. This place has a population of over 2k people, and around 60% of the families live with children. The suburb offers all the basic facilities to its residents, including specialty shops that are within an easy walk.

Moreover, the suburb of North Brighton has easy access to the Brighton Secondary School, which is rated as one of the topmost secondary schools in the state. The median house price here is $651k, while the median rent is $460 per week.

2. Henley Beach South

Henley Beach South is a coastal suburb and located just over nine kilometres west of Adelaide’s CBD. Thus, you get the best of both worlds! You can stay close to the vibrant city and also enjoy a laid back lifestyle. As 100% of homes are within easy reach to the parklands, Henley Beach South offers an abundance of green space to the people.

If you want to move to this place, you can also expect security, peaceful surroundings, privacy and spacious houses. The median house price is $885K while the median house rent is $560 per week. This suburb has a population of over 3k and 62% of families have children.

3. Glenelg

It is one of the most attractive seaside suburbs in the capital city of South Australia. It is quite popular among the tourists for its exceptional beaches and amusement park. If you move to Glenelg, you will enjoy the nightlife because there are numerous places to eat and drink. You can spend some quality time with your family and friends in such places.

Moreover, it also has plenty of good schools and lots of option for shopping. The median house price in this suburb is $916k while the median unit price here is $415k. If you want to rent a property, the median house rent is $540per week, and the unit rent is $375pw. This place is quite popular among the professionals and young married couples.

4. North Adelaide

North Adelaide is an excellent option for everyone – families with kids, singles and professionals. It has incredible food, amazing shops, public transport and Adelaide CBD which is only 2 kilometres away. The median house price here is $1m, while the median unit price is $485k. Owing to its location and the facilities it offers, a lot of newly married couples prefer to move to this place.

However, around 40% of the families live here with children. If you are also planning to move to this place with children, then contact a professional removals company in Adelaide. They will make sure that you move in a hassle-free manner. Majority of the people prefer to rent a property here. The median house rent is $530 per week, while median unit rent is $365 per week.

5. Black Forest

If you are planning to move to Adelaide, then you must consider the Black Forest suburb. It is an excellent place to settle down with your family, and it is only 5 kilometres away from the Adelaide CBD. If you have young children, then this place has Black Forest Primary School. It has an excellent reputation a lot of parents prefer this school in comparison to other private schools.

This place has fantastic public transportation facility as train, as well as tram lines, run through Black Forest. It has a population of more than 2k and 56% of families have children. The median house price here is $817k while the house rent is $440 per week.

6. Semaphore

Semaphore is a magnificent beachside suburb and ideal for you to move and settle down. It is located about 15 minutes to the south of Glenelg suburb and 35 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD. This place offers privacy, security, clean and green surroundings to its people. You also get an excellent range of housing, shops, numerous cafes and restaurants.

The residential area in Semaphore is known for its heritage buildings and family-friendly foreshore. Around 83% of homes are located nearby parklands and 72% families have easy access to the education facilities. The median house price in this suburb is $655k while the median unit price is $365k.

7. Seacliff

If you are moving to Adelaide, Seacliff is an excellent suburb that is well worth considering. It has easy access to bus and train transportation and adjacent to one of the most magnificent beaches. You can visit the place with your family and friends on weekends to relax.

The Seacliff offers shopping centre and various restaurants as well as cafes. This suburb offer privacy, excellent neighbourhood, security, cleanliness, and peaceful surrounding. Also, it provides all the residents close proximity to the parklands and education facilities for the majority of the residents. The median house price in Seacliff is $705k, whereas the median unit price is $499k.

8. Glenelg North

Glenelg North is another seaside suburb, which is nine kilometres from the CBD. It is quite a popular suburb among people who move to Adelaide city and affordable in comparison to other options. The total population of this place is more 6k, and 51% of the families live here with children.

You should move to this part of this city because it offers privacy, peaceful surroundings, excellent neighbourhood and low crime rate. The median price of a house in this suburb is $705k whereas the median rent is $450pw. If you want to save more money, you should opt for units because the median unit price is $375k and the rent is $310 per week.

9. Prospect

The location of Prospect is pretty much ideal for singles as well as families. It has easy access to dining, shopping, cinema, and other such places. The suburb is also just 5 kilometres from Adelaide CBD, so it is an ideal option for the professionals.

Due to its location and affordable accommodation, a lot of people prefer to move to this place. Prospect has more than 13k population, and 62% of the households have families. Whether you are moving from another city or within Adelaide, make sure you hire experienced removalists in Adelaide. They will accomplish the task in a hassle-free manner.

The median house price here is $703k while the rent is $400 per week. In case you want to move to the unit, then its median price is $366k, and rent is $330 per week.


Whether you are planning to move to Adelaide for a better job opportunity, higher education of children or any other reasons, you should pay extra attention to the place where you would settle down. The place should offer all essential amenities, offer security, have good connectivity and affordable in price. So, the next time you plan to move, consider the suburbs mentioned above.