Planning To Move: Guide To The Best Adelaide Suburbs To Live With Family

Planning To Move: Guide To The Best Adelaide Suburbs To Live With Family

Aug 23, 2021 Adelaide is a thriving city with ample work opportunities, modern amenities and a quality standard of living. It is an urban area with a developed Central Business District (CBD), which is why it is home to working professionals, students and families. The city is an excellent place to live, but many people are choosing to migrate to its suburbs, especially those with children or planning to start a family. Adelaide has several suburban areas offering great housing options plus peace that you cannot find in the city. Thus, if you plan to move with your kids, you should know which area would be suitable for you in addition to packing and booking reliable removalists in Adelaide. Look at this guide to learn the benefits of moving to a suburb and know about the best Adelaide suburbs to live with family.

Advantages Of Moving To A Suburb in Adelaide

Gone are the days when the suburbs were underdeveloped and difficult to commute to and from. Due to many infrastructural projects sanctioned by the Government of South Australia and private investors, Adelaide’s suburban areas have numerous well-built and aesthetically pleasing residential properties for buying and renting. The houses and units provide an escape from the central city’s hustle, bustle, and non-stop stimulation. Here are other benefits of living in the suburbs you should know about before deciding to move and hiring removalists in Adelaide. • Adelaide’s suburbs are suitable to live with family because they are affordable compared to the city. You pay less for more square feet of property, parking and utilities. Groceries, rent, eating out at restaurants/cafes, watching a movie, and other necessities or wants are less expensive. Thus, your family’s standard of living improves, and you can save more. • Many people move to the suburbs as the city is crowded and congested, whereas the suburban areas are spacious. The roads, parks and houses are capacious, which is why suburbs are perfect for raising children. • If you choose wisely, a suburb can afford more privacy to you and your family. Plus, it can have a lower crime rate, friendly communities, greenery and tranquillity. • Besides having excellent housing options and space, the best suburbs in Adelaide have top-notch schools for your children’s primary or higher education. These suburbs have private and public schools that are well-funded and offer quality education, unlike many schools in cities. • Adelaide’s most affordable suburbs are well-connected and only a few kilometres away from the city’s Central Business District. Thus, you can commute to work without spending too much time on the road or on trains.

Top Adelaide Suburbs To Live With Family

Approximately 1,376,601 people were living in Adelaide as of June 2020, constituting over 77% of South Australia’s population. Over the years, the city’s population has steadily increased, and many of its residents moved to suburban areas. If you plan to do the same, then consider moving to the following areas as they are among the best Adelaide suburbs to live with family. Walkerville Walkerville is among the popular suburbs of Adelaide due to its proximity to the Central Business District and excellent connectivity to other areas of the city. Many families move to this suburb because it is a catchment zone for good schools like St Andrew’s School, St Monica’s Parish School and many more. Other reasons it is a preferred area to live with family include greenery, well-maintained parks, incredible housing options, excellent restaurants etc. Walkerville’s houses are costly, but they are worth the rates. The median price for a 3-bedroom house here is $1016000, and a 2-bedroom unit is $348,000. If you plan to lease a house or unit, the median rent is about $600/week and $403/week, respectively. Thus, you need to ensure you have the financial stability to move to this area. Fulham Gardens This suburb is a hidden gem that is close to Henley Beach and the city. Its population comprises established couples and families, as the area is peaceful, safe and quiet. Fulham Gardens is one of the preferred suburbs to live with children as it is well-maintained, serene and green. What’s more, it has award-winning restaurants/cafes, shopping centres and various other family-friendly places. Like Walkerville, Fulham Gardens’s houses and units are a bit expensive. The median price of a 3-bedroom house is $695,000, and rent is $488/week. It also has other options, such as 2-bedroom units with the median price of $349,000 and rent $315/week. If you can afford a residential property in Fulham Gardens, it is among the best suburban areas to live in Adelaide with your spouse and kids. It has excellent education establishments nearby, such as Fulham North Primary Schools, Henley High School, Star of the Sea School etc. Henley Beach Another suburb suitable for living with your family is Henley beach, close to the West Lakes, the coast and the city. This area is reckoned for its pristine beach, multi-cuisine eateries, schools and lifestyle. Here your family can feel a sense of community as well since the people are friendly and welcoming. The majority of people settled in this area are established couples and families. The residents enjoy modern amenities like cafes, shopping centres, pubs, sports facilities, recreational parks and much more. The median price for a 3-bedroom house in Henley Beach is $945,000 since it is a high demand market. But, it has affordable options too with a 2-bedroom unit having a median price of $365,000. If you want to lease a property, the median rent is $550/week for a house and $375/week for a unit. Huntfield Heights People looking for a spacious and extremely affordable suburb in Adelaide should consider Huntfield Heights. It offers economical housing options, and the majority of its residents are older/established couples and families. People planning to start a family or with small children can easily find a good house or unit and live a tranquil life. Huntfield Heights has an excellent sense of community, and the friendliness of residents is unparalleled. The locals have lived in the suburb for years, and you can find many family homes in the area. The median price for a 3-bedroom house here is $335,000, and rent is $340 per week. Thus, it is the ideal place for people buying a family home for the first time or renting a place to start a family.

Other Suburbs To Consider

If your moving budget is tight and you need to rent a house/unit, pack, book removalists in Adelaide and manage other expenses, consider the following suburbs. These are family-friendly areas with modern amenities, good schools and affordable housing options. Plus, all these suburbs are well connected, and you can quickly move to any of them with the assistance of experienced removalists in Adelaide. • Smithfield – $261,000 median house price • Elizabeth Downs – $215,000 median house price • Smithfield Plains – $236,500 median house price • Salisbury Park – $352,000 median house price • Salisbury Downs – $362,500 median house price


Usually, raising a family in any popular city is challenging since most are congested, bustling and lack peace. Over the years, more and more people have relocated to suburbs as they have good schools and spacious houses or units available at better prices than the city. However, if you plan to move to an area near the city, you must consider your options carefully before you start finding housing options, pack and book removalists in Adelaide. Use this guide to gain valuable insights about the best Adelaide suburbs to love with family and make an informed decision.