Post-Move Self-Care: Recovering After The Big Move

Post-Move Self-Care: Recovering After The Big Move

Jan 15, 2024

Undoubtedly, moving house can be one of the most overwhelming and stressful life events as it pushes people out of their comfort zones. Among the chaos of decluttering, organising, packing, and making sure all the logistics are handled, people often forget to take care of their mental health.

The entire moving process is never kind to your mental health and definitely tires you out. This is where the importance of self-care increases.

While hiring the best removalists Adelaide to transport your stuff help streamline the process and reduce stress, you are still likely to feel overwhelmed. There are some things you can do after the move to recover easily.

Here is how to recover after the big move through self-care. Use these tips to take care of your mental health after the relocation.

1. Re-Establish Your Daily Routines

The power of personal rituals is something that you should not underestimate, especially in a new city. Daily routines are often known to provide a sense of normalcy and comfort. It can be things like a morning stretch, jog, and meditation or reading books before sleeping. However, being flexible becomes necessary. For instance, the balcony may turn into a new reading spot, or the living room corner might become a space for meditation. The key here is to resume your routine while tweaking the activities to fit your new environment.

2. Get Accustomed to the New Neighbourhood

A new neighbourhood often carries the promise of fresh beginnings and new experiences. Initiate by taking slow walks and familiarising yourself with the local landmarks. Make your way to the nearby stores and cafes, as that will make it easier to accustom yourself to the new neighbourhood. Moreover, community events present a wonderful opportunity to soak up the local culture, make new connections and learn a thing or two about the place in general.

Through active participation, you slowly but steadily transform such unfamiliar streets into familiar places. Undoubtedly, a familiar environment is comforting. However, you do not have to do so straight away. Firstly, ensure you have successfully moved with the help of expert removalists Adelaide.

3. Prepare a Relaxation Space

During the settling process, you should look to prepare a corner specifically for relaxation purposes. Not all areas of your home will make you feel at ease. So, look for one that does and then make some adjustments. It can be anything from a spot near the windows to a balcony space. Personalising them will certainly help. Decorate your preferred relaxation spot with soothing scents, soft lights, or a plush blanket, basically anything that resonates with peace and fosters a calming environment. Use this spot to do your relaxation activities like meditating, reading, or simply reflecting. As the days pass, you will feel at ease while letting go of all the moving-related stress.

4. Reach Out to Family and Friends

A physical relocation should not mean emotional distance from your loved ones. Staying connected by contacting them regularly is worth adding to your post-move self-care routine. Share stories of your new environment, adventures, as well as misadventures. Engage in conversations through video calls, send them images of your surroundings and local landmarks, etc. The voices of your loved ones can prove to be the ideal antidote to that isolation feeling. After completing the move with the help of the best removalists Adelaide, it is best to stay connected to your old friends while also forming new connections.

5. Focus on Physical Well-Being

It is more than likely that the move would have tired you out physically even if you hired professional removalists Adelaide for the major tasks. Taking care of your health after the move is essential, especially if you are getting ready for a fast-paced life that will come with unique challenges. Start by altering your nutrition and focusing on creating a meal plan tailored to your specific lifestyle and body.

Moreover, ensure you are getting enough sleep (7-9 hours) each night. For the first few days after the move, avoid putting a heavy strain on your body by things like lifting heavy stuff. Focus more on resting till you feel your best. After that, you will be in the ideal condition to start your new life.

6. Practice Mindfulness

Although fresh starts are exciting, they still come with plenty of challenges. To make sure you have recovered from the move and are ready to deal with the upcoming challenges, it is best to practice mindfulness. This can be as simple as:

  • Journaling in a notebook
  • Taking mindful walks
  • Meditating

Basically, anything that helps you stay in the present and prevents overthinking, especially about the recently concluded move, will help. Spirituality is also something you can look towards and lean into those practices.

Wrapping Up

If you have moved before, you will know that the entire procedure is physically and mentally tiring. The involvement of so many tasks just makes it difficult to stay sane. So, once the move is completed, use the tips mentioned in this article to recover through self-care.