Questions To Ask From A Removal Company?

Questions To Ask From A Removal Company?

Mar 05, 2021

Determining the key factors of successful home relocation is imperative, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Planning and preparing at least 8 weeks in advance can help you ensure a hassle-free moving experience. One of the best things you can do is to hire experienced Adelaide removalists.

It is crucial to know what exactly you are getting from your moving company. For that, you need to ask the right questions related to their services, pricing policy, quality of work, and much more. Gathering apt information before making the final decision can help you achieve the best possible results without a hint of stress.

We’ve enlisted a few questions you can ask from a removal company over the phone or during the survey to ensure a safe and sound home relocation journey.

Let’s Get Started!

1. When Will You Send Professionals For a Home Removals Survey?

Do not forget to ask the removal company about a home removals survey. This is the best way to confirm the volume of your household belongings that need to be moved. This is an important stage as you have the opportunity to discuss your specific moving requirements with the company.

So, confirm when they will come and inspect the house. Home removals survey also reduces the chances of mistakes and keeps the entire process in an organised manner.

They will also ask you the questions, such as:

• How many items are being moved?
• Do you have any specific demand or requirement?
• Where are you relocating? Distance of your move.

Similarly, you can also ask some of the questions like:

• When are they available?
• How long will the entire relocation take?
• What is your plan for moving day?

So, make the right decision by asking the right question.

2. Do You Offer Other Moving Services?

Most moving companies offer a comprehensive range of removal services, such as local moves, interstate removals, packing solutions and storage options. So, it is good to ask them about other services too along with their estimated quote. If your belongings are safely packed, it will automatically reduce the risk of damage and also save on your removal cost.

You can prepare a list of services you need for a safe and sound removals. You can hire services according to your specific needs. Remember that you will need to pay separately for the packing services or storage facilities.

3. Are Your Removalists Fully-Trained and Experienced?

Choosing the right company for the safe transition of precious possessions is very crucial. Make sure the professionals are fully-trained, licensed and experienced as this will determine the fate of your valuable items throughout the process. Many companies regularly train their staff so that they can keep up with the new age technology and lifting techniques.

So, ask this question and clear all your doubts. This will give you peace of mind as your belongings are in safe hands.

3. Do You Have Insurance?

This is one of the most confusing concepts when it comes to hiring professional removalists in Adelaide. Since your possessions are at risk during the lifting and transiting process, make sure you clear all your doubts related to insurance. Know what their insurance does cover. Usually, companies don’t cover valuable possessions, so look for the potential options that can cover them as well.

Also, ask for a copy of insurance policy and keep it with you. Most renowned removal service providers offer both Public Liability Insurance and Goods in Transit Insurance to take care of your household belongings. But, still, ask this question to get a sense of satisfaction.

5. Do You Bring Necessary Packing Materials?

The answer is completely depends on the services you are hiring. If you are only hiring moving solutions, then they will only bring lifting tools and a moving vehicle.

However, if you avail packing service as well, then professionals will bring all the necessary materials, such as packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, moving boxes, etc. for the safety of your delicate and other breakable items.

6. Do You Provide Estimated Quote?

This is a must-have question that will help you determine your moving budget. You can ask them to provide you estimated quote or no-obligation estimate for the services you want to hire book. A reliable and experienced company can happily offer you this whenever you ask. So, be prepared.

7. What Is Your Cancelation Policy?

Delays can happen when you are moving home from one place to another. This may postpone or even cancel the moving date. So, ask everything about the cancelation policy of the company you are hiring. Will they charge for cancelations or not? This should be mentioned in the Terms and Conditions but confirm everything before making the final decision.


Hiring the best removals company in Adelaide is a big responsibility. Make sure you ask these questions before booking the professional service for the safe and secure removals of your household belongings.