Room By Room Packing Checklist For Your Next Move

Room By Room Packing Checklist For Your Next Move

Feb 15, 2022

Moving house is an activity that is difficult to manage without proper planning and preparation. You need to remain organised and streamline packing during this stressful time to avoid confusion, delays, and anxiety. Packing is a major aspect of a house move, and getting it right is crucial to ensure the safety of your belongings during handling and transit.

You can hire experienced removalists in Adelaide to pack and label property contents. Since the professionals have the suitable materials, training and experience, they can manage this activity among others expertly.

However, use the following room-by-room packing checklist for your next move when doing it yourself. Through it, you can manage everything smoothly and have plenty of time to complete other moving-related tasks.

Declutter With The KonMari Method

A house move is the best opportunity to get rid of unwanted things in your home that serve no purpose. You can use the KonMari method to separate things in each room into categories and discard everything that doesn’t spark joy.

• Start by committing to the process mentally and emotionally.
• Keep the end goal in mind. It is to reduce the packing and moving load for you and your hire removalists in Adelaide.
• Create different piles of everything in a room.
• Pick things to see if you want to take them to the new home.

Tip: Keep things in good condition & appropriate for all ages for reselling or donating. When donating, choose a local organisation registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission. Additionally, decide early whether you want to have a physical garages sale or one online.

Arrange Packing Materials

Whether you are moving locally or domestically, getting quality packing supplies is a must for your things’ security. Search for original packing boxes, Styrofoam moulds and other materials for electronics, appliances, home decor items etc. Gather the ones you can use and make a list of other supplies. Professional removalists in Adelaide usually go for small and medium-sized boxes more than large or extra-large boxes. They also have moving blankets, wardrobe boxes and other special packing materials. Thus, you must analyse your belongings to get the right supplies.

Explore Storage Options

When moving interstate, exploring your storage options is important to ensure your things remain safe during transport & stoppages. You can rent a storage unit for things you don’t need at your new home immediately. Alternatively, get a storage container that you can load at your own pace and get delivered by professionals.

You can also take your time to unload the container and do it after you have settled in the new home a bit. Storage units and containers give you the flexibility and security to move your things safely. You just have to pack your things in storage boxes & bins correctly to keep track of your belongings.

Pack Guest Rooms, Basement & Garage First

These rooms are often used for storage because they are rarely occupied. Therefore, decluttering and packing these rooms take time & create an inventory. Wrapping & boxing things in these rooms early is beneficial because your hire removalists in Adelaide will load them first on the moving truck and take them out last.

• Make sure you get rid of everything you don’t want.
• Only pack things you either want to send to a storage unit or keep at your new home.
• Don’s pack fuel and flammable products.
• Empty fuel-run equipment before wrapping them with plastic sheets & boxing.
• Dismantle machines & place parts in plastic bags to keep them securely in boxes.

Move To The Living Rooms

Bedrooms have several personal things, important documents and valuable items which you have to pack extremely carefully. Thus, you will need at least two wardrobe boxes for your clothes, footwear and accessories. Additionally, arrange corrugated moving boxes, bubble wrap, plastic bags and packing tapes.

Box clothes according to importance, meaning wrapping gowns, suits, and occasional/formal wear first and casual/regular wear last. Do the same for footwear, beddings, comforters, accessories and other items in your bedrooms.

While packing the living room, be careful because it has heavy furniture & electronics like shelves, couches, trollies, TV etc. Furniture & TVs toppling is a serious issue, and it can happen when you move things. Thus, take professional help for packing and moving your bulky furniture and electrical items.

Pack The Bathroom & Kitchen Last

These rooms are the most-used in your home, which is why packing them last is practical.

• Start by discarding expired food, medicines, beverages, cleaners and other items in the bathroom and kitchen.
• Don’t pack chemicals, cleaning/disinfecting solutions and perishable goods. Plan their usage strategically to utilise them.
• After sorting the items, you should wrap and box things in order of usage.
• Pack your essential bag last, ensuring it has toiletries, medication, snacks, etc.
• Get special boxes for mirrors, picture frames, cutlery and other fragile items. Wrap them in bubble/foam wraps first before placing them inside the boxes.
• Make sure to label delicate items as fragile to ensure your hired removalists in Adelaide handle them carefully.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a new house is fun and exciting only when you know your belongings are securely packed. Else, the stress of your property contents getting damaged or lost during handling or transit can give you many sleepless nights. Thus, avail packing and moving services from professional removalists in Adelaide for a smooth relocation. Alternatively, use this room by room packing checklist to streamline the process and manage it yourself.