Save Time And Money With These 7 Must-Have Moving Apps

Save Time And Money With These 7 Must-Have Moving Apps

Sep 29, 2023

Moving to a new home can seem like an exciting adventure, but, at the same time, it can stress you out. From planning the move to hiring removalists in Adelaide, it takes a lot of persistence and hard work, and you have an endless list of tasks that require your attention.

Plus, more often than not, things don’t go according to plan and suddenly moving can look like the toughest task in the world. While a few things going wrong is a given, you should focus on the aspects you can control.

One such thing is picking the right tool, such as an app. Moving apps are one of the best ways to stay organised and make the process of moving as smooth as possible. Whether it’s about selling your old items, buying new ones, or just managing tasks, there are multiple apps for the job.

Here are the 7 must-have moving apps that will help you save time and money. Furthermore, they will make your work easier and straightforward.

1. MoveAdvisor

The MoveAdvisor app is ideal for creating a timeline for your upcoming move, furniture inventory and other similar belongings. It offers a week-by-week plan, including a task list and reminders.

This ensures you are always on track and following the plan and schedule. You can also review a budget removalists in Adelaide. It has a directory of movers to help you find the most suitable company that matches your needs and requirements. Furthermore, you can compare the prices to get the best deal.

2. Sortly

An inventory management company, Sortly is a creative app best for managing your household items when you are preparing for the move. It helps you create a detailed inventory of almost all of your stuff.

You can use this app to categorise your belongings into different folders, take pictures and add notes. You can even track all your items using this app by creating and placing a QR code label on each box, as the app has built-in QR code technology.

3. OfferUp

Do you have old items you don’t want to take to the new home? OfferUp is one of the most recommended apps for buying and selling goods. It lets people list various things, including furniture, appliances and other similar household items. It connects people within a specific radius, making the transactions local and convenient.

Not only will it allow you to get rid of stuff you’re not using anymore, but it will also help you make some cash. You can also purchase items for your new home using this app.

4. TaskRabbit

Want to hire a few freelancers for moving-related help? Look no further than TaskRabbit. This app connects you with local furniture removalists and similar professionals who are looking for quick work. You can hire people for any moving-related task, including loading furniture, lawn mowing, etc.

Just browse the profiles, read the reviews, and book for the help you need directly through the app. The process is so simple that even if plan A doesn’t go well, you can just hire people for same-day work in your area.

5. MagicPlan

MagicPlan is an app designed specifically for creating floor plans, field reports, etc., using your smartphone camera. Professionals and non-professionals can both use this app for moving like a pro.

The augmented reality feature of Magicplan helps you visualise your stuff, like furniture in the new space, ensuring everything fits perfectly and is arranged according to your liking. These features are the reason why expert removalists in Adelaide rate this app so highly.

6. Updater

To streamline the process of changing your address, using Updater is one of the best options. It is an all-in-one app designed specifically to simplify the task of updating your address everywhere.

Updater helps you notify over 15,000 businesses/organisations about your move, including postal service, subscription services, utility providers, etc. It also provides a moving concierge service to help you with setting up utilities and other similar services at your new house.

7. Nextdoor

Once the moving process is done and you have taken some time to rest, it is best to introduce yourself to the people in your neighbourhood. Nextdoor helps you get familiar with your new community as it is a private social network app. You can use the app to join neighbourhood groups, discuss local events, and ask for recommendations.

For pre-owned items, Nextdoor’s ‘For sale & free’ section acts as a local marketplace. Many community members offer free or discounted items on this app. It is perfect for you if you want to furnish your new house.

Wrapping Up

At first glance moving may appear challenging, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you can prepare a plan, hire professional removalists in Adelaide, and use the right tools, you will be able to complete all the tasks stress-free. Use the above apps to make your work easier and to ensure that the process goes according to plan.