Setting Up Your New Home: A Guide For New Homeowners

Setting Up Your New Home: A Guide For New Homeowners

Apr 06, 2023

Are you moving to a new home in Adelaide? The capital of South Australia is famous for its art and music culture, beautiful residential properties, vibrant nightlife, wine, annual festivals and multicultural food. There are tons of outdoor activities and lush-green parks to explore. It is a beautiful place to live and raise a family.

When creating a plan for home relocation, make sure you set up the new property without a hint of stress. Getting associated with your new abode, child or pet-proofing certain areas, prioritizing renovation projects and planning the unpacking process is crucial to understand before the final move out.

It is good to ask professional Removalists Adelaide to assist you in unpacking chores to save you time and energy. Many companies can also set up your furniture and utilities to reduce stress and make your post-relocation as seamless as possible. You can also do it yourself if you know the right technique.

However, many first-time homeowners lose their patience and make mistakes that can jeopardise everything. Here is a complete to-do list to set up your new home in Adelaide:

1. Start with a Detailed Walkthrough

It is always good to walk through your new house when empty- without any furniture, carpets and beds. So, do it before the final moving day. Make sure you focus on the following aspects:

  • Ensure that the previous owner made all the necessary repairs
  • Switches, lights, doors and outlets are in working condition
  • Everything included in the sale is present in the property
  • Maintenance and warranties papers
  • Cleanliness
  • Safety and security

You can also create a floor plan so that all your furniture pieces will fit into the new place without causing any damage. Also, do not forget to contact the realtor if you find an issue during the inspection. They will fix the problem before you move in.

2. Make Necessary Property Repairs

Once you are done with a home inspection, head towards necessary property repair projects. Create a proper list and prioritise tasks depending on your specific needs. Check all doors, windows, faucets, walls, water pipes, drainage system and floors.

Fixing the chipped floors, broken windows, doors, roofs, water leakage problems, and much more is imperative. You can hire the best handyman in Adelaide for all these important tasks.

3. Child and Pet Proof Your House

Are you moving into a new abode with a toddler or a furry friend? If yes, inspect every corner to make your new house kid-friendly or pet-safe. Here are some quick hacks to remember when child/pet-proofing your new home::

  • Create a toddler or pet-free area in a new abode for discarded packing supplies, such as packing paper, tape and boxes.
  • Lock areas that are not secure for your kids
  • Cover all your outlets
  • Tie the long hanging cords of the blind
  • Keep all windows closed
  • Storing sharp objects and cleaning products in kitchen cabinets. Make sure they are at a certain height.
  • Tamper-proof the knobs of your stove
  • Install cabinet and doorknobs in the bathroom

Making these trifling efforts can give your baby or four-legged family member a safe place to play, discover and helps prevent serious injuries in a new home.  You can also hire best removalists Adelaide to move large furniture pieces with ease.

4. Paint Your House

It is not a good idea to paint a house while living inside. The VOCs wall paints are laden with harmful chemicals that can cause breathing problems. So, you can paint all your walls before you move into the new abode.

To avoid any blunder, schedule the best painters in the city to repaint the walls in a streamlined manner.

5. Focus on Home Improvement or Renovation Projects

Do you want to make changes to the new home? Take one project at a time to keep things organised. Create a proper plan and estimate your budget for home renovation projects.

You can install new appliances, new light fixtures, hard ware fittings, reinstall windows, replace flooring and reface kitchen cabinets as per your requirement. Before that, prepare a new home shopping list and buy all the necessary décor items and other stuff that can reflect your lifestyle and personality.

6. Change or Upgrade Your Security Locks

Whether you are concerned about the last owner or not, make sure you change the locks on your new abode for your family’s utmost safety and security.

So, hire a professional locksmith in advance and change or upgrade the locks of all your doors and windows.

7. Set up Your Utilities

The utility services need to be transferred and set up before moving into a new house.  A professional moving company in Adelaide will help you manage the entire relocation process while you can focus on the other important task.

On the final moving day, make sure your electricity, water, heating and cooling, internet and other utility services are set up.

Also, contact your waste management facility to ensure they will come to pick up the garage from day one in the new house.

8. Thoroughly Clean up The Property

Make sure you remove dirt, dust, paint stains, grime and germs from the entire property. Start from your kitchen and wipe off the cabinets, shelves, appliances, and other areas. Also, remove dust and dirt from bathroom surfaces and keep your living area and bedrooms clean and shiny.

Clean windows inside and out using vinegar and warm water solution. Lastly, disinfect and deodorise your house to keep germs and bad smells at bay. After that, you can plan a housewarming party and invite your neighbours and friends.

Wrapping Up

Being a new homeowner, you must have a lot of doubts in your mind. However, with these simple tips and tricks, you can set up your new home in Adelaide in no time. When moving into a new place, you can prepare a complete checklist and save time and energy.