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How to move house during the COVID-19
13 May, 2020

Should You Still Move Home During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

With the government continuously iterating that everyone should remain home and practice social distancing – understandably, it can be a confusing time for people who have to move due to unavoidable circumstances. Moving during the outbreak is not suitable because it increases the chances of contracting the disease for everyone involved in the process. But, it may be a necessity for many people.

Here is a guide by professional removalists in Adelaide providing the answer to should you still move during the COVID-19 pandemic, and other common questions that may arise when planning to move during the outbreak.

Should You Move During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The answer to this question is complicated and varies in each case. According to the government, moving is an essential activity that can be performed by people not impacted by the outbreak wanting to honour their lease agreements. In addition, people who have bought new homes and live in rented units/houses can plan to move. However, should the move be completed?

As per experienced removalists in Adelaide, if a postponement is possible then tenants and homeowners should reconsider moving. Tenants can talk to the landlords regarding extensions to see any arrangement for a more extended stay can be managed.

Moving is a stressful and challenging process under normal circumstance considering this, it will be an extreme challenge when COVID-19’s threat looms on everyone. Thus if the option is available to avoid movement, one should consider halting their plans.

What to do if Moving is Essential?

If a postponement is not an option or movement has to be performed due to any viable reason, you can manage the move by following these tips by professional removalists in Adelaide.

1. Hire Experienced Removalists

Getting the assistance of experienced removalists in Adelaide is practical and wise during a time of duress like the COVID-19 outbreak. The mistake to perform a DIY move should be avoided as it will increase the chances of contracting the infection.

By hiring professionals, you can avail contact less moving services and rest assured the removalists will handle and transport your belongings safely and securely.

2. Maintain Optimum Personal Hygiene

When moving a variety of tasks need to be completed such as going to offices, purchasing supplies, etc. Therefore, maintaining personal hygiene is of prime concern, and it can be managed by washing your hands regularly, avoid touching your face, wearing a mask & gloves, using hand sanitiser when required, etc.

3. Don’t Obtain Recycled or Used Packing Supplies

During a pandemic, it is better to avoid obtaining packing supplies that are for recycling or used to prevent transmission of COVID-19. The virus can survive on a variety of surfaces for days which increase the risk of contracting the disease. Therefore for your move, purchase new packing supplies like boxes, plastic sheets, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts, among other items.

4. Disinfect Everything

While moving, it is essential to keep disinfecting surfaces and objects diligently to kill any illness-causing pathogens. To effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi invest in TGA-approved disinfecting products only and use them as per instructions.

During the move when coronavirus outbreak is spreading, it is essential to disinfect things brought home from outside, packing supplies, moving equipment of professionals, surfaces of the moving truck etc.

5. Make Sure the New Home is Deep Cleaned

Ensuring the property that is to be occupied is deep cleaned before moving in is important, especially when the threat of COVID-19 looms. If you’re moving into a previously tenanted property then inquire whether the previous lessee performed end of lease cleaning.

When moving into a property for renting that was not occupied asking if the landlord had it deep cleaned is necessary. Depending on the situation, you can decide to move in a property that was cleaned by the tenant/landlord or hire professional cleaners in Adelaide to get the property purged before moving in.

Is a DIY Move Safer During the Pandemic?

Naturally, people planning to move during the outbreak assume that performing all the tasks themselves will be safer. However, when the threat of community transmission is present, hiring professional removalists in Adelaide is the more reliable options.

Seeking assistance of experienced personnel is better because they have the resources and training to handle and transport property contents with required precaution. While DIY moving is a viable option under normal circumstances, it should be avoided when there is a pandemic outbreak that can put everyone involved in the process of moving at risk of contagion.

Wrapping Up

Relocating to a new place is always stressful, challenging, and draining process and the added threat of the pandemic only makes it more difficult. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the answers to the questions mentioned above. Through this guide, you can make informed choices and decide whether you should still move during the COVID-19 outbreak.