Smart Tips For Relocating Home During The Holidays

Smart Tips For Relocating Home During The Holidays

Dec 29, 2022 Nothing can be more annoying than preparing for a house move during the holidays. The New Year is around the corner, and some people are packing up their stuff because they are left with no other option than moving. Let’s face the fact that no one enjoys de-cluttering, dismantling large furniture pieces or packing fragile items, especially during the festive or holiday season. In such a scenario, hiring seasoned Removalists Adelaide can solve your problem. You can relax and enjoy your holidays and let professionals pack and relocate your household stuff. You can also create a complete plan or checklist so that you can focus on other important tasks, such as buying new furniture, gifts for the New Year, etc. However, for some people, this is the best time to relocate because kids don’t have school and are also on holiday. They can spend more on packing. Here is a complete list of smart and useful tips if relocating home during the holidays:

1. Fix a Moving Date ASAP

The holiday season is about exploring new places and enjoying short trips and picnics. This means you can find heavy traffic on the roads. Plus, the rates of removalists are also high during the peak season. If you don’t want to delay the process or end up paying more, choose the moving date in advance. This way, you have enough time to notify your rental provider, search for an experienced moving company, and get packing supplies. You can also organise a small party at home or holiday gatherings if you are well-prepared ahead of time.

2. Know Your Estimated Moving Budget

Holidays are about hosting parties, buying expensive gifts and travelling to different places. It becomes quite difficult to stay on a budget in the middle of holidays. Adding the moving expenses can really create a stressful situation. Do not fret! If you are hiring Adelaide Removalists, do proper research and compare quotes to find the most affordable option. It is also good to book at least 3 weeks before your moving date. Apart from this, create a complete moving budget and add expenses accordingly. Do not forget to include costs of:
  • Packing Supplies
  • Moving supplies
  • Removalists Fees
  • Storage fees
  • Moving insurance, etc
You can also search for money-saving alternatives, such as arranging free boxes or relocating via portable moving containers, etc. You can also save money by reusing newspapers, blankets, magazines, old towels, bedsheets, cushion covers, etc.

3. Start Packing ahead of Time

Once you have planned your relocation, start the packing process as soon as possible. Start by packing off-season clothes, closets, storage areas and guest bedrooms. Focus on creating a proper checklist to avoid packing mistakes so that you can keep your items intact. Prepare a staging spot for boxes and supplies and pack your items accordingly. You can also use cardboard boxes, egg crates and socks to pack your stuff. It is good to dismantle your large furniture pieces, pack them using packing paper and blankets, and secure them with tape.

4. Don’t Pack All Holiday Decorations

Inspect your home thoroughly and check what you need during the Christmas party or New Year. It is good to pack some decorative items, not all. Go minimal and keep the necessary decorative stuff. You can pack the rest for your new home. Label boxes using a market and prioritise fragile items because they are prone to damage during the lifting and moving process. It is good to hire professionals if moving house with a baby and little kids. They will take care of everything and pack your stuff in an organised way.

5. Organise a Garage Sale

You can plan a garage sale on weekends because this is the best time to let people come and purchase stuff from you. Make a list of items you no longer need. Ensure that they are in good condition if you prepare them for resale. Offer heavy discounts and promote your sale locally to encourage more people around your residential area. This is one of the best ways to earn extra money by selling unwanted household items, such as furniture, clothing, books, musical instrument, electronics, etc.

6. Relocate on Weekdays

Do not move on weekends if you want to avoid heavy traffic and chaos. People usually go out on Saturdays and Sundays during holidays. So, it is good to plan a move on a weekday. You can move in the midweek and reduce your stress. You will get enough space in the parking area, less crowd on roads, empty lifts and stairs. Make sure you book removalists in advance at a lesser price.


Planning is a key that can determine the success of your move. The tips mentioned above in the article will help you relocate home during the holidays with ease. You can hire professional removalists Adelaide at least 4 weeks prior to your moving day and stay organised and economically stable this New Year.